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The Trial of the Century

No description

Vincent Liu

on 26 May 2017

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Transcript of The Trial of the Century

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Clarence Darrow
"Perfect Murder"
Lawyer and Court Case
Edited by Vincent Liu and Kevin Lee
A Story of Two Murderers Escaping the Death Penalty
Nathan Leopold (19)
The Trial of the Century
His father was a millionaire manufacturer
Studying law at the University of Chicago and was planning to transfer to Harvard Law School
Earned his Bachelor of Philosophy degree
Achieved national recognition in ornithology
Handsome and wealthy
Son of a retired Sears, Roebuck & Company vice president
Admitted to the University of Chicago at the age of 14
Youngest graduate ever at the University of Michigan (17)
On May 21, 1924 they obtained a rental car,obscured the license plates and drove to Kenwood in search of a victim
Lured 14-year-old Bobby Franks (Loeb’s cousin) into the car
Hit with a chisel and gagged,then burned with hydrochloric acid to cover the identity
Richard Loeb (18)
Fascination with detective stories
Committed small petty crimes
Crime was a game to him
Obsessed with the "perfect murder"
Sources of Inspiration
Influenced by Friedrich Nietzsch philosophy
Nietzsche's criticized moral codes
Believed legal obligations did not apply to those who approached the "superman"
Loeb was the superman
America's most prominent criminal defense lawyer
More known for the Scopes Trial ( 1 year later)
Saved 50 accused murderers already
Works Cited
1) Change the plea from "not guilty" to "guilty"
2) This removed the jury
Jury wanted justice
Wanted the boys to receive a death sentence
3)Focus his attention on Judge Calvary
Based his argument on "mental illness" and "the death sentence"
"Your Honor, if a boy of 18 and a boy of 19 should be hanged in violation of the law that places boys in reformatories instead of prisons—then we are turning our faces backward toward the barbarism which once possessed the world. Your Honor stands between the past and the future. You may hang these boys by the neck until they are dead. But you will turn your face toward the past. I am pleading for the future, for a time when hatred and cruelty will not control the hearts of men, when we can learn by reason and judgment and understanding and faith that all life is worth saving, and that mercy is the highest attribute of man."
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