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The Republic of Korea(South Korea)

about the difficult past, the gorgeous present, and the brighter future of South Korea

Soomin Park

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of The Republic of Korea(South Korea)

Roaring tiger of Asia The Korea, The LOCATION Korean Peninsula -Located in East Asia
-Surrounded by East Sea (Sea of Japan), and the Yellow Sea The ENVIRONMENT The effect on history Invaded by neighbor countries
: China, Mongolia, Japan
The bridge of East Asian culture
& center of Trade
: China-Japan, Arab countries, Southeast Asian countries Ancient Asia Map
: Trade between Korea
& others Very Distinct and Beautiful 4 seasons

Mostly Mountainous

: From Freezing to Subtropical

The effect
: The clothes and food are distinctive from regions The HISTORY Gojoseon : 2333 BCE.
About 5,000 year history
Has been invaded over 900 times
: Subjugated only 2 times - Mongolia
- The empire of Japan
Japanese forced occupation
Become Independent on 8. 15. 1945
Korean War : 6. 25. 1950 ~ 7. 27. 1953 CULTURE LANGUAGE *Commissioned by
Sejong the Great
: King Sejong
Literacy Prize

*Hangul Day Hunminjeongeum (Hangul) FOOD *Uncountable cuisines *Colorful * H O T !! BEAUTY * COLORFUL * HARMONY with NATURE The REPUBLIC of KOREA <SOUTH KOREA> <National Flower> Rose of Sharon : eternity <The Flag of
South Korea> ECNOMY
* 15 / 186 nations
: 1,151.271 billion $ (US)
(by the International Monetary Fund) 1950s After Korean War The Current Seoul The Credit Ranking of Korea
: Aa3 (Moody's) INDUSTRY *Leading in High-Tech
& IT industries High-Tech : Automobile
-Hyundai & Kia IT Industry
: Cellphone, Computer...
&CONFLICTS POLICY * All Young Men serve for military
for 21 months. POLITICS GOVERNMENT * First Female President-elect
: Geunhye park * Antagonistic Relationship
between North and South Korea
* The most important issue : Unification CONFLICTS
with Neighbor nations * NORTH KOREA
: Military Collision - Nuclear Bomb
- Cheonan sinking (26.Mar.2010)
- Yeonpyeong Island Bombing
: Territorial Dispute - Dokdo Island
- East Sea EDUCATION * Most Middle, High schools
: UNIFORMS !! * Too much studies,,,:-( South Korea
in the World Industry
: Companies Sports K-POP (Korean Pop) Food Korean Wave
: Hallyu
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