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Good to Great: Chapter 7 Technology Accelerators

No description

Cindy Tierney

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Good to Great: Chapter 7 Technology Accelerators

Good to Great
Chapter 7
Technology Accelerators

Hedgehog Concept
What are you deeply passionate about?
All Students
What can you be the best in the world at?
Curriculum, Instruction, & Learning
What drives your economic engine?
Maximum Student
Companies (& schools) should respond to new technologies by first crawling, then walking, and finally running.
Then Walk...
...and Finally Run!!
First Crawl...
Experiment with the new technology and determine if it fits into your Hedgehog Concept.
Find unique ways to utilize and implement the new technology within the Hedgehog Concept.
Fully implement the new technology and become an expert in that field.
First Crawl, Then Walk, and Finally Run
drugstore.com vs. Walgreens
Next Walgreens:
In light of new internet technology, Walgreens began by experimenting with a website (crawl)
Walgreens then found ways it could tie the Internet to its inventory-and-distribution model as well as its convenience concept (walk)
Walgreens then launched its Internet site and pioneered a computer network system (run)

drugstore.com vs. Walgreens
First drugstore.com:
Immediately after the Internet was developed, drugstore.com opened and offered prescriptions to customers; actions preceded strategy (run)
drugstore.com experienced massive losses and announced a layoff to conserve cash (walk)
Lost nearly all of its initial value (crawl)
"A company will only become a great company if it figures out how to apply technology to a coherent concept that reflects understanding of the three circles." (p. 147)

Technology & the Hedgehog Concept
Great companies adapt and endure through technology changes.
Good-to-great companies think
differently about technology.
Technology is used as a tool to
accelerate momentum after breaking through.

Good-to-great companies are pioneers in the
application of their selected technologies.
Crawl, Walk Run...
Instead of
Run, Walk, Crawl!!
Technology as a
Momentum Accelerator
It is important to note that good-to-great companies remain disciplined within the frame of their Hedgehog Concept when they pioneer the application of technology.
Only when good-to-great companies understand the relevant technologies, do they become fanatical and creative.
Make a company or school great

Create sustained results

"Technology without a clear Hedgehog Concept, and without the discipline to stay within the three circles, cannot make a company great." (p. 153)

What technology cannot do...
Good-to-great companies have strategies that focus on improvement, and excellence.
The comparison companies have strategies that are reactionary - they form their strategy in response to what their competition is doing.
"Those that stay true to these fundamentals and maintain their balance, even in times of great change and disruption, will accumulate the momentum that creates breakthrough momentum." (p. 161)
Good-to-great companies (& schools) think differently about technology.
Good-to-great companies (& schools) only use a technology if it fits within their Hedgehog Concept and then become a pioneer in the application of that technology.
Technology is only an accelerator of momentum, not a creator of momentum.
And now our
personal favorite...
"Like the Daytona 500, the primary variable in winning is not the car, but the driver and his team. Not that
the car is unimportant, but it is secondary." (p. 156)
For example...
Driver=Leader & Team Car=Technology
To assist us with this presentation,
please download the following apps:
Zapper Scan or i-nigma (We need you to scan a QR code.)
Prezi (With this app, you will have a copy of our presentation.)

*All of the recommended apps are FREE!!! =)
"Remember that it is all about the driver, not the car!"
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