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No description

Jasmeen Rai(:

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Izquisha

Basic Info:
‌• Full name: Izabelle Kayla De Leon
‌‌• Grade 8
• Born August 26, 2000
‌• Describes self as ugly and very short

‌• Likes: Sleeping, food, friends & Pretty Little Liars
‌•Dislikes: School
‌• Favourite numbers 26 or 2
‌• Memorable moment: Anita's birthday party in grade 6 or 7
‌• Favourite year: 2004, 2013
Worst year: Grade 5
‌• Leaving friends (me bc fab), so many memories, scared, upset
‌• Hopes high school will be like high school musical
‌• Going to Kelvin or Sisler
‌•Scared from going from the top to the bottom
• Most played - Soccer and Volleyball
• Started soccer in grade 7
• Started volleyball in grade 6
• Likes to play those sports because no need to be tall and it's fun
• Favourite teams - Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers
• Like Dwayne Wade
• Career related to sports - dancer
• Likes Kanye West and Ariana Grande
• Favourite song - Honeymoon Avenue and Snow in California by Ariana Grande
• Replayed most - Honeymoon Avenue, Officially Missing You by Tamia, and Treasure by Bruno Mars
• Still likes Bruno Mars
• To have a successful life
• Wants to be a dentist because of her mom
• Parents want her to be good
• Prepares after college
• Ariana Grande inspires her
• 1st job at McDonald's
• Ariana Grande because she's perfect
• Ari inspired her since Victorious
• Childhood inspiration was Blues Clues

Pretty Little Liars:
• Likes the show because it's intense
• Favourite Liar - Hanna or Spencer
• Hanna because she's carefree
• Spencer because she's smart
• Favourite episode - Halloween episodes
• Wants the director to reveal -A
• Ships spoby and haleb
• Felt betrayed and started to hate Ezra because he's -A
Fault In Our Stars:
• Favourite book
• About cancer patient who falls in love with cancer survivor
• Made her feel sad/good
• The feels
• Favourite character - Agustus ( the cancer survivor)
• Book made her cry
• Recommends book
• Emotional because someone dies
Izabelle De Leon
By: Jasmeen Rai
Pretty Little Liars
About 4 girls (Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily)
One of their friends died (Allison)
4 friends getting stalked by older man who possibly killed Allison
Stalker is anonymous
Stalker is known as -A
Stalker sends texts to the girls
4 friends are trying to find out who -A is
4 friends suck at solving mysteries
-A tries to ruin their lives
Tried to kill 4 girls multiples time
Plot twist - Allison is alive
Ariana Grande
Career started on Youtube
Got more successful after Victorious
After Victorious ended, started Sam And Cat
Made an album (Yours Truly)
Wrote Christmas songs
Well known for being Cat Valentine
Also well known for being perfect
Cares a lot for her fans
Used to date Jai Brooks
Popular fast food restaurant
Opened May 15, 1940
Introduced in San Bernardino. California by Dick and Mac Donald
Used to be a stand that sold burgers for 10 cents and orange juice for 5 cents
Had hamburger war with other restaurants such as Burger King and Wendy's
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