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Celebrating Four Decades of CommArts

Spring Hill College's Lambda Pi Eta, a Communication Arts Honor Society, has collected research on the growth of the department in the past four decades. This presentation is inspired by the alumni who have shaped the department into what it is today

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Transcript of Celebrating Four Decades of CommArts

1970s 2000s Today 1990s 1980s Making changes, moving forward The idea (late 1960s)
The concerns (1970-71)
The debut (1971-1972)
The growth (72-75) Celebrating Four Decades of CommArts at SHC One degree, separate concentrations (2000 - 2002)
Expansion of 2004
Saladrigas grant ($25,000)
Fall '11 Equipment grant ($7,000)
Move to IMC ('12 - '13) A Place of Our Own! Lambda Pi Eta Transition from 4 concentrations:
1) Film Production
2) TV Production
3) Journalism
4) PR & Advertising To what we have now, 3 Concentrations:
1) Production
2) Journalism
3) PR & Advertising A TV studio was where the Wellness Center is now WTOH was in the ground floor of the Student Center Dark rooms were in the 3rd floor of LAC Comm Arts was all over the place Campus radio (fall '72)
36 majors (72)
First graduates (spring '74) Curiculum Outlining TOH class after SpringHillian
Replace CMM 280 with intro to computer graphics
Tech tool courses (spring '13)
Requiring internship and pre-professional development
Senior seminar (one semester course)
Success statistics
About 100 majors and minors on average The Future of CommArts "We're equipping students for the world today."
- Dr. Sharee Broussard Jasmine Williams, Class of 2011 2009 changes
2010 program revision and committee
Trifold purposes of communication
Gender ('07-'08) and Intercultural communication (2011)
Integration of program 24 hour live-streaming (TOH)
TV station
On site training Old Physics Building (Thank you, Betty!)
-large, "gang" darkroom and smaller dark rooms
-lighting/production studio with attached editing suite and small closets Film Shooting and Editing Phase Out (Mid 90s) Thanks a lot, FCC... Around 1995 - lost our squatter's rights to upper end of FM dial The Legend- Bettie Hudgens "She was simply a wonderful, giving, dedicated person – always upbeat and jovial – and tremendously generous to all of us – fellow faculty and students. She loved everyone and it showed through on a daily basis. She was smart and savvy and always fighting for the department and her students, while demanding their best efforts at the same time." -Thomas Loehr
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