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The Threat of The American Takeover

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Ankush Sood

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Threat of The American Takeover

The Threat of an American Takeover
The event of the manifest destiny
The american civil war took place in 1861 the americans were also known as the (confederacy). B.N.A. or the union opposed the americans or the confederacy due to social,moral and, economical reasons which resulted to what we now call the american civil war.

The B.N.A. colonies came under high pressure due to this american civil war effecting the total international british trade. Britain and the Britain international trade some what favored the confederacy due to the reason of agriculture and cotton goods for B.N.A.

The American civil war ended with the victory of the union over the confederacy and which abolished slavery for good.
The factor of the manifest destiny
The main factor that sticks in our minds is that the Confederacy was treating everyone poorly and were making them slaves for life. The confederacy was getting ship loads of immigrants from all around the world to serve them as slaves and to work for them in exchange of food for the rest of their lives. These slaves were living in extreme conditions with little food less sleep and very unhealthy medical conditions and in case they were sleeping or slow working they would be beaten.

So basically they were working just to fill their stomachs and they were not even earning a single penny.They were working so they can survive and get a good meal so they are able to work again.
The event encouraged people to start thinking about the union of the B.N.A .colonies. Was because the threat of an american takeover. It was also because the north opposing to slavery for economic and as well as moral reasons. And this also encouraged people to start thinking about the union of the B>N>A> colonies. This was because of the american politicians were supporting the manifest destinies so they could takeover all of north America. Another reason is that the americans were involved with invading the B.N.A. colonies and to take them over
The Explanation and factor
The Confederacy were taking over the B.N.A. colonies, they were taking away all the goods,food,cotton,textile,plantations and a number of natural resources needed. They left them with nothing. It was time for british north american unite together and bravely face the great confederacy. E.g. Think of an Eagle Vs 100 birds very soon some major and miner things Lead to what we now call the Civil War.
The event and explanation
In 1861 the Confederacy erupted the civil war,it was the battle for slavery to be legal or abolished in America. B.N.A. was not at all willing to be apart of the civil war but, incidents in 1861 brought them to war with America. One of the reasons were that America was extremely strong and powerful but,B.N.A. was separated because of unwilling colonies such as P.E.I, Quebec, and British Columbia. American politicians were supporting the cause.
There was a feeling in the colonies that the americans might use the principles of the Manifest Destiny as an excuse to invade the colonies at the end of civil war.
Persuasive Speech
Things we found interesting
The main thing that I found extremely interesting was that how there were barely any labor laws and that how the americans can just takeover british north american colonies. Also that what gives them the right to treat immigrants from around the world and to treat them as slaves.
In 1867 the United States of America purchased Alaska from the Russians then showed interest in empty lands of the Canadian Territories
The discovery of gold in british Columbia brings thousands of americans into the colony when the americans buy Alaska in 1867 British Columbia is half split by expansion of the confederation
Americans,Railways and trade are steadily pressing
on toward the canadian border in red river settlement
Tensions with the British run high in civil war America
the Northern states, the south said that the union had no right to stop the British ships but the North are still angry at Britain for supplying the south with weapons for the Civil War
Fenian soldiers plan an invasion of Union from the Confederation.Their
raiding included Canada west, Canada east and New Brunswick. Ultimately leading to the battle of Ridge way
The facts that I found interesting about this event was that the united states used manifest destiny as an excuss to takeover north America in the civil war
concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior.
the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.
Abolished -
formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution).
the action of cultivating land, or the state of being cultivated.
"the cultivation of arable crops"
Cultivation -
Grade 8 History text book
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