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Dynamic Amelec Panel Meters

We hope you enjoy our Prezi on our most popular models and do not forget to get in touch to discuss further quantity discounts!

AMELEC Instruments

on 7 November 2011

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Transcript of Dynamic Amelec Panel Meters

35 Years of Excellence Past, Present & Future Meeting the needs of our Global customers 1 2 3 4 APM489-4
Process Panel Meter 4 Digit Red LED high-brightness Display Various Process Inputs available Two wire 24Vdc excitation available as standard Available for next day delivery 4.5 Digit Red
LED high-brightness display Suitable
for most Process Signals No microprocessor
(Analogue / Digital
Technology) Display can be rescaled using Jumpers Standard 115/230Vac supply (24Vdc supply option available High Stability -
Low Cost APM489 4.5
Digit Process Indicator APM489
Process Indicator / Controller 5 Digit Red LED
high-brightness Display Measuring linear signal
0-10V & 0(4)~20mA Individually programmable 4 Relays Analogue output
fitted as standard with
optional 1 RS485 Individually Programmable 3 Control Inputs Standard 115 / 230Vac
with Optional 24Vdc Thank You for
engaging in our Prezi Follow us on: Tel: 01908 567 003 Fax No: 01908 566 735 E-mail: sales@amelec-uk.com
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