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Activista opening


Bjorn Hansen

on 19 July 2009

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Transcript of Activista opening

Activista ACTIVISTA - The global youth network of ActionAid 1.Why? 2.What 3. Where are we going? Youth is the largest single demographic group in the world One billion between 15-24 years 85% in Global South - 200 million in poverty Honestly!... We are the future We have the time We can't wait any longer! And as Albert Einstein once said: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness we were at when we created them.”
Aims Activities Mobilise young people to campaign for positive and measurable changes through building their capacity as advocates and campaigners Raise the visibility of ActionAid as a dynamic, youthful, effective campaigning organisation in order to increase our ability attract campaigners and create change Position ActionAid as a vibrant, youthful campaigning organisation which features young people from the North and South as advocates for change ActionAid to be a strong global CAMPAIGNING organisation ending hunger in practice! (what do we want?) a very brief introduction Create and support national youth spokespeople / leaders on the issue of Hunger in each country

Develop global ActionAid youth network made-up of youth networks in each of 12-15 countries with core volunteers
Use popular culture and fun to appeal to engage young people ? MS ActionAid Denmark and the new Activista coordination We want to move forward together and we are going all in ... to make sure our common vision will succed Lets be ambitious lets act together basically it's all up to us So let's use these two weeks good! (With the new coordination task MS ActionAid Denmark is going all in) Let's have fun while learning from each other and make sure we get results: It's all about acting together to end hunger
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