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Brave New World

No description

Dijana Bektesi

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World

Structure State's control In General Utopia & Dystopia Brave New World (hypothetical) perfect world
shows how the world could/ should be
might reveal short comings of our
most people would like to live there
aim: to show a positive alternative hypothetical future world/ society worse than our own
comments on and discusses aspects of our society
reveals and illustrates possible changes
most people would fear to live there
aim: to frighten and to provoke the reader/ viewer Utopia/ Dystopia
Aldous Huxley
How People are made in BNW
- Genetic Engineering
- Fertilization, Bokanovsky's Process and
social predestination
- Conditioning Aldous Huxley Themes Genetic Engineering Fertilization, Bokanovsky's Process and social predestination Conditioning Individuality The pursuit of Happiness Industrialism & Consumption Structure
- State's Control
- Individuality
- The Pursuit of Happiness
- Industrialism & Consumption
Characters & Relationships
Utopia or Dystopia ?! - Huxley's intention Brave New World Symbols Characters and their relationship Keyscene Utopia or Dystopia ? Huxley's intention Fertilization ova & gametes kept in two different text-tubes
ova is brought together with the spermatoza

Result: an artificially fertilized egg Bokanovsky's Process the fertilized eggs of Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons artificially bud, making up to 96 human beings, a series of arrests of development
X-Ray treatment, chilling, checking, doing with alcohol
Result: a mass production Social Predestination the functions of Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons are predestinated
they undergo different treatments depending on their casts
no individual can escape his/her "inescapable social destiny"
Result: before birth people are socially predestinated to benefit the world state's purposes Introduction of the 1-3 Nature of the State
World State
3 Introduction of the characters

4-6.2 Insight into life of the
characters Reservation 6.3 - 9 Life in the Reservation John in the World State 10-15 John's reaction to the World State Discussion of the World State 16-17 18 Withdrawal & death of John Seems to be a friend, but only uses it and is disloyal to him Bernard - Helmholtz: Helmholtz - Bernard: Loyal friend but B. is too shallow to him Bernard - Lenina: seems to love her at first, but later he sleeps with any woman he can Lenina - Bernard: really likes him because he is different, loses interest after meeting John Lenina - John: falls in love with him but does not realize it first John - Lenina: also falls in love but cannot express or cope with his feelings John - Bernard: at first he thinks that he has found a real friend, but later realizes he has been used Bernard - John: exploits J. to take revenge on the DHC and to become famous John - Linda: loves and hates his mother because she is responsible for his terrible childhood Linda - John: loves and hates John because giving birth meant disgrace to her only superficial and physical (without real emotions)
doomed to fail whenever emotions arise
only possible for people within the same or next caste
also influenced by the consumption of soma the state predestines and controls peoples privacy Disadvantages of BNW Advantages of BNW Genetic Engineering Conditioning Predestination Hypnopedia Motto Drugs Entertainment Sex Religion preimplanting genetic diagnosis
-> in Germany allowed with specific guidelines; in USA completly allowed; 10.000 children were born with this technology
-> dolly the sheep: 1998 a try to clone human leg cell and egg cell of a cow, but no human actually was born as a clone
genetic manipulated food
artificial insemination uses research medicine biotechnology methods stem cells monecular cloning IVF DANGERS ethical questions/ problems how far should people go? FORD NEW GOD
Lord - Ford
Christianity - Fordisim
Christian Cross - T Modell
Lordship - Fordship History is BUNK
stability is more important
future will be the same as the present HOW TO ... Relationships Characters technological advance
work is replaced by machines
they keep a stable society
a drug called soma helps them to feel good ( no side effects)
allowed to have as many partners as they please to dangers of media: advertisments, entertainment (manipulation)danger of total control of the state, totalitarism, propagandistic regime
dangers of cloning, genetic engineering, scientific development
loss of individualism
loss of family
loss of moral values
loss of christianity Can there be Individuality in BNW ? People are conditioned and sleep taught
their attitudes and opinions are based on the state's suggestions
individuality would lead to rebellions and riots
danger for the society
People who develop themselves differently and start to create their own individuality are send to an island, where they do not endanger the society
-> Helmholtz, Bernard mond reveals the weaknesses of the system while defending social control
John and Helmholtz finally get answers to the questions they had
Bernard shows his real weak character Chapter 16 - a key scene of the novel ? chapter 16 can be seen as a key scene of the novel ''Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness'' - well known phrase in the United States which is considered to be one of the most influential sentences in the history of the English language compared to the state's motto:
''Community, Identity, Stability''

motto contradicts itself and the phrase forced community only within castes
no individuality because of conditioning and sleep teaching, therefore no liberty Target: to ensure stability The motto only feignes democracy while actually signifying the opposite
-> it's functionis therefore cleary a propagandistic one Communitiy, Identity, Stability escape -> they take it all the time only promiscuity, no feelings Ford is Lord guarantee the political and economical stability of a totalitarian state Alphas Betas Gammas Deltas Epsilons Parents might reject their children Excluding disabled
children from society designer babies
may appear super race JUST FOR FUN... Conditioning of hating
it could make readers think about their lives
could enduce the class system
could give them ideas of their own
could make them rebellious

makes it impossible to spend their time in the country side
makes them spend their time doing all sorts of sports
→ consumption hypnopaedia:
sleep teaching
moral education, e.g. elementary sex
the state's suggestions are imported on the
people's minds

people judge and decide on grounds of the
state's ideas
no individual thinking, no intelectual
potential of criticism no individuality and free will
no "real" happiness
no pursuits
no feelings
total control of the state
caste system
essence of human life (joy etc.) does not exist Aldous Leonard Huxley

birth: 26th Jul. 1894
death: 22nd Nov. 1963
spent his life in the US
parents: Leonard Huxley ; Julia Arnold
brothers: Julian Huxley ; Andrew Huxley ; Noel Trevelyan
studies english literature at Balliol College, Oxford
"The Burning Wheel" -> first novel
novels tell about dehumanization of society -> because of scientific development
founding father of psychoanalysis
infantile of sexuality of major importance or human development
suppression of the child's desires (by parents)
oedipus complex Freud sexual education of boys and girls
abolishment of relationship between parents and children Mustapha Mond The Director Bernard Marx Lenina Crown Helmholtz Watson John the Savage Linda Industrial revolution
there is no value in producing new goods
consumption in BNW -> centerpiece
Hypnopaedia/ Conditioning citizens exist to serve their economy Shakespeare “O brave new world,” he repeated. “O brave new world that has such people in it.” — John provides the language through which John understands the world
represents all of the art that has been rejected and destroyed by the World State in the interest of maintaining stability
-> underlines John's role as a thorn in BNW the Savage is looking forward to to leave the Reservation (cf. pp. 119 ff.) observes the work process in a factory (cf. p. 138) after his mother's death
-> feels urged to stop the distribution (cf. pp. 181 f.) 1. Is the story set outdoor or indoors within a very limited area?
Outdoors could signify freedom or thought, attitude and perception, whereas a very limited area
could point to isolation, limited freedom or even oppression of characters

2. When is the story set? What season? What time of the day?
Spring or summer usually convey optimism and positive future prospects, whereas autumn as well as
winter stand for bleakness and pessimism.

3. What is the weather like? What about the lightning conditions?
Rain, cold, fog, storm, clouds, snow and ice rather denote a negative atmosphere, whereas the sun
symbolizes warmth and comfort.

4. What about the characters’ behavior in relation to the setting?
Here you have to focus on the interaction of characters and setting. Imagine a situation of children
playing on a sunny day in springs. This is an example of a very uplifting atmosphere. On the other
hand, a smiling clown sitting at a bus stop on a rainy day in autumn creates a rather sad image. Atmosphere in literary texts
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