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Mr. Perry


Joe Perry

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Mr. Perry

Mr. Joe Perry

Welcome to Mr. Perry's Classroom

Bachelor’s Degree in Education- Albright College
Level II Certification
Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology - Arcadia University
Elementary School Counseling Certification
8th year at OJR
My Background
Organized Bins
Classroom Design
Cards in chart
Orange-parent notified, loss of privilege and loss of green tickets, discipline referral
Red-parent notified, more severe loss of privilege and loss of green tickets, discipline referral
Wildcat 200
"The Jar"
Class Dojo
Behavior Policy
Day 1 – P.E.
Day 2 – Music
Day 3 – Art (for now)
Day 4 – Library
Day 5 - Art

Reading to Self Station
Reading to Someone Station
Writing Station
Word Work Station
Listening Station
Language Arts
The Give Me Five Rule
Pick any book. (If it is a Chapter Book choose a page)
If you make more than five mistakes, put the book back.
If you make less than five mistakes, it’s a book that you should be reading.
Picking a Just Right Book
Teacher: Mr. Perry
In science, the students will be learning about: Force and Motion, Rocks and Minerals, and Plants.
Students are expected to be proficient in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division by the end of third grade.
Fact Practice will be given daily and needs to be practice at home. As little as 5mins a night can make a huge difference.
Rocket Math papers will be sent home with students daily for additional practice
Links to fact practice games are on my website
Teachers: Mr. Perry, Mrs. Loomis, Mrs. Billstone, Mr. Lamison
This year in math, they will be learning about: Data, Place Value, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, Fractions, Decimals, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Problem Solving, and Basic Facts
Everyday Math – materials available in paper form and online! Homework is daily and imperative for the success of each lesson. Conceptual math program.
Rocket Math – fact mastery program we will start with multiplication
Fact Practice
Tier time is a small group guided reading instruction. Tier time will help strengthen reading skills. Students will be group by specific need based on F&P test and DIBLES.
They will be assigned to one of the following teachers: Miss Hoyle, Mr. Perry, Mrs. Loomis, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Newswanger, Mrs. Kaplan, Mrs. Schnider, or Mrs. Hatherill
Groups will change throughout the year.
Tier Time
They will record all home practice assignments into their weekly planner.
They are expected to turn in completed assignments the following day or on the due date.
Everyday Math practice is given every day.
Fact practice and reading every night is expected and will always be included as daily practice
Word Study practice will be due every Friday and new words are introduced every Monday.
Homework will be posted every night on the website as well
Practice Expectations
Home Practice
Enrichment Websites
Specials Schedule
The Website
‘By age 18, your child will have spent only 13% of his/her life in school.’
Time Magazine, February 21, 2005
Where the MAGIC happens
Teacher: Mrs. Loomis
They will be learning: Geography, Government, and Pennsylvania.
Social Studies

To inspire and enable learners of all ages to realize their intellectual potential, pursue their personal development, and become responsible citizens by providing a dynamic and challenging education program through a partnership among school, students, families, and the community.

I believe:
- All students have the ability to achieve
- All students are entitled to quality education
- Everyone is entitled to respect
- A safe and welcoming learning environment is the
responsibility of the teacher, students, staff, and families
- Communication is essential to the success our school community
The Owen J. Roberts Mission
My Philosophy
Hobbies- Playing baseball, cooking
Favorite Sport- Baseball
Favorite Holiday- Christmas
Favorite Food- Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak
Favorite Book- Crash by Jerry Spinelli
Favorite Subject- Science, Math

Wife –Angela
Son - Dominic
Siblings- Anthony (25), Kate (32)
Pets- Dog named Skip

My Biggest Accomplishments-
Going to college to become a teacher and
Being a dad!
About Me
Addtional Curriculum Information
www.ojrsd.com scroll down to the bottom and click "curriculum"
Interested in Volunteering?
Please sign up on the sheet by the door for...
Field Trips
Classroom help
Homeroom parent
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