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Rachel Gan

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Prepositions

Form Prepositions basically come before a noun/noun phrase (Preposition + Noun / Noun phrase)
for us
for the whole class

Complex prepositions made up of 2 or more words
because of
on top of
in front of Learn some collocations The UN-Happy Student
1. He does not participate in class.

2. He does not want to adapt to changes.

3. He acts out his dissatisfaction with school.

4. He wants to lodge complaints about everything.

5. He feels others must pay for their mistakes.

6. From his point of view, he could have done things better. Know your prepositions
Form, Meaning & Use Conquer Grammar MCQ
& Grammar Cloze Meaning Many possible meanings of a preposition
Stephanie is in the room.
The room is in a mess.
Stephanie is in trouble.
She will be back in an hour. Use 1. To show time
He was here at one o'clock.
a quarter to three

2. To show place/direction
The paper was lying at my feet.
Give it to me. Verb + Preposition
to rely on
to detract from
to consist of Adjective + Preposition
to be dependent on
to be free from
to be sorry for Standard Phrases Preposition + Noun Phrase
in my opinion
to my mind
from my point of view

Noun Phrase + Preposition
objection to
awareness of
belief in Basic Place Preposition
At, On, In At - denotes place as a point of orientation
Meet me at the corner.
She saw me at the store.

On - denotes contact with space or surface
Don't sit on the desk.
Write on the line.

In - denotes enclosure of subject matter
We were in the room last night.
Write in the box. 3. To show state/condition
I am never at ease when taking a test.
He is on duty.

4. To show manner
She shouted at me.
By doing it yourself, you save time. 5. To show cause/purpose/means
She wept at the bad news.
The remark was said out of anger.
He did it by hard work.

6. To show measure/quantity
He stopped working at age 50.
We bought it for one dollar. How to be a Happy Student?

1. Know what is good for you.

2. Know the difference between success and happiness.

3. Step in and be concerned about others.

4. Step out and reflect on the reason for your feelings. 5. Get help with developing the right mindset and addressing your situation in school/at home.

6. Pay attention to the important. Attend to it at the earliest opportunity.

Happiness is a choice.
You will be happier than in the past. Presented by
Mrs Rachel Gan
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