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Cell Analogy-House

No description

Danny Chen

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Cell Analogy-House

Cell Analogy-House
The Cell Membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell
It is like the door of the house which controls what goes in and out of the house
The nucleus contains the genetic material
of the cell, it is the control center of the cell.
It is like the bedroom and the genetic material is like the house owners because they control what happens in the house.
The nucleolus is located inside the nucleus, it where the DNA is actually contained.
It is like the bed in the bedroom, where the owners of the house sleep.
Lysosomes help the cell digest excess or worn out organelles
Just like how bins help a house get rid of unwanted objects
Ribosomes make proteins according to instructions given out by the DNA.
The Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum provides a transport system between the nucleus and the cytoplasm.
The Smooth ER is where hormones and lipids are synthesized and where hormones are assigned to become hormones. Thus it is where hormones are processed.
The Golgi Apparatus sorts and packages proteins for distribution around the cell.
It is like the garage where various things are stored
The vacuole stores food, water and sometimes waste materials.
The mitochondria of a cell is where ATP (Energy) is created.
It is like the generator of a house where electricity (Energy) for the house (Cell) is generated.
The cytoplasm suspends the cell's organelles, it is what the cell's organelles float in.
It is like he hallways of the house, because they connect the various rooms of the house and are what is between the rooms of the house.
It is like the kitchen where food (Protein) is made according to how the occupants of the house (DNA) want it.
Thus it is like a computer, which processes the information that is fed to it and decides whether to store the information or use it (printing it off, sending it away, etc.)
It is like the cook who sorts and prepares the food (Protein) for distribution around the house (Cell)
It is like the bedroom door, which connects the bedroom (nucleus) with the hallway (cytoplasm).
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