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Student 1515

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Austria

This is Austria and its surrounding countries.
Austria's capital is Vienna
Wisconsin is 2.02 times as big as Austria.
Austria's main language is German.
Formally Austria-Hungry, Austria was divided into Austria and Hungary after WW II. Austria is actually the Republic of Austria. Austria has about 8.47 million people. Austria has been in existence for about 13 centuries. The largest city is it capital,Vienna. Austria has 98% literacy rate. Austria has only one navigable water and that is the Danube river. Its largest peak is Grossglockner which is in the Alps.
Austria's public diversity.
1914-Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated which helped to cause WWI. Austria fought on the side of the Germans.
Historical events
This is a topographical map of Austria.
Austria's summer temperatures get up to 95°F with an average of 68°F.In winter it can get as cold as -4°F with a average temperature of 32°F. Wisconsin's summer's are warm and winter's are very cold.
Austria's main religion is Catholic.
1918- The last Habsburg emperor is overthrown and Austria becomes a republic.
1955- Austria joins the European union.
Did you Know?
Austria is divided into 9 different states.
Austria is the birth place of Mozart, Strauss,and Haydn.
This is Austrian money.
Austria is located in Europe.
Wisconsin's Climate
This is the Austrian flag.
This is the Austrian symbol.
Austria's flag is one of the oldest flags.It dates back all the way to 1191!
Austria is a Federal republic.
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