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Copy of Qatar Airways

marking project ameena and maryam

majid chteoui

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Qatar Airways

Marketing Strategy:
Boutheïna Bouabid
Alexandra Lavigne

To become a world-class air cargo service provider with global reach.

They will achieve this by focusing on 3 critical factors:
World-class Network

"Qatar Airways’ purpose is to deliver Excellence in Everything We Do. For us, that means we focus on the needs and constantly exceed expectation of the clients flying with us. We know that every time we fly; we carry the hopes and dreams of our clients, as we consider the hopes and dreams of our people."

Their goal is to be the best in the world and reach the peak of the airline industry for outstanding in-flight service, superior on board products, and operational excellence.
High standards of performance including safety, security & customer service
Unique services
First in providing a variety of customer oriented services regarding comfort, convenience & luxury
Strong brand identity
Winner of several important awards
Very little domestic traffic
Limited market share growth (50% owned by government)
Relying heavily on International Onward moving traffic

Brand new fleet to improve customer confidence
Hub developing well. Can Position itself as an alternative hub to Dubai
High barrier to enter the airline industry
New addition of flights will open choices for passengers (traveling in the morning, evening, or late nights).
Qatar Airways is about to add more Airbus 330 carriers for its new route, equipped with business class products like flat seats.

Growing fuel prices
Security concerns in the middle east
Increasing competition in Middle east market
Unfavorable scenarios due to government policies and regulations
Organizational structure

Activities are grouped horizontally by function

Air fleet development
Destination expansion
Human resources and Training/development
Commercial department

Marketing, Finance and Commercial are also geographically subdivided into 3 regions. Each region makes its own decisions

Matrix structure

Established on November 22,1993
Operations started on January 20, 1994
Originally owned by the Royal family
First destination was Amman, Jordan
Current CEO since 1997 is Akbar Al Bakers
About Qatar airways
Young fleet
Global network and expansion
Corporate and social responsibility
Organizational culture
The general culture is very conservative. Employees have very low power, and management does not want to empower them.
They must consult with their superiors to make any decision

The right organizational design
Qatar airways is planning on improving its organizational design
Wants to reduce bureaucratic costs and lining up with their expansion plans
Wants to analyze and redesign the current organizational structure
Vertical pattern based on product grouping

Al Maha services (personalized meet-and-assist service for passengers)
Qatar aircraft catering company
Qatar duty free
Qatar inflight duty free
Qatar airways cargo
Qatar aviation services
Qatar distribution company
Internal media services
Doha international airport
Organizational structure cont'd

Matrix structure

First line services (Flight attendant, pilots ...) have to follow some rules in the airport. Even during their breaks
However even with the strict culture, employee satisfaction is high. They appreciate the employees diversity (over 150 nationalities) and its social values. There is also strong career development opportunities when working for them
Control systems
(Behavior control for pilots and flight attendants)

Relationship between each other must stay professional (A relationship beyond professional can lead to termination)
Never sleep anywhere but the staff housing
Never gets in later than the time assigned by the guard
Never allow an unregistered guest into his/her room
No visits after10pm
In Doha ,the security supervisor (guard) is replaced every 3 months so no friendship is developed with the flight attendants/pilots

Note that most of the flight attendants ''live'' in the staff housing provided by Qatar airways in Doha
It is the norm to work very long hours and week ends when working in Qatar's Doha offices (Management do it, so they expect all employees to follow)
History & about Qatar airways
Vision, Mission & Goal
SWOT analysis
Organizational structure
Organizational culture
Control systems (Behavior control)
Activity (the right organizational design)
Organizational design requires managers to select the right combination of organizational structure, control systems and culture. Therefore, for a better design, Qatar airways should not only consider improving the structure, but also its current culture and control systems.

By deciding to analyze and improve their current structure, Qatar airways shows that they have an adaptive culture.

The only advantage of their current structure (Matrix structure), is that it enables to keep the organizational hierarchy flat. However it is not cost effective.

With an effective organizational design, Qatar airways should be able to increase its product differentiation, reduce its cost structure and build competitive advantage
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