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Cyrano Act 3

No description

Izzy John

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano Act 3

Act 3 Ragueneau wife runs off with Musketeer Tries to hang himself Cyrano gets him a job working for Roxane Roxane her favorite intellectual is Christian She tells De Guiche to keep Christian's and Cyrano's goup behind She wants them to be safe but he thinks its a punishment Balcony Scene Christian tells Cyrano he doesnt need his help but when he gets there all he can say is I love you this makes Roxane angry she wants more than I love you So Cyrano steps in and recites poetry Roxane is very pleased by this so she offers Christian a kiss Marriage and War Christian and Roxane want to get married so they bribe the Capuchin with money they get married while Cyrano distracts De guiche when De Guiche finds out That Roxane and Christian are married he sends Cyrano's army goup to the front lines
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