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LEADING For Your Career

Leveraging leadership skills for career development

Christopher Sell

on 30 July 2012

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Transcript of LEADING For Your Career

For Your Career Leading Why is leadership important? How can you develop
leadership skills? How can you leverage leadership? How can you be a leader for life? In the last two years, surveys have revealed that U.S. employers were having major difficulties finding qualified workers to fill vacancies 61% of Organizations' biggest problem with employee performance? Soft Skills Leadership, Creativity, Time-Management, Work Ethic, Strategic Planning, Communication, Team work, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, etc., etc., etc. Leaders are not ; We all share in the collective responsibility to contribute effectively they are . born made one of top 5 skills continually sought after by employers ... is ... Ohio University Office of Career Services, July 2010 (Komives & Wagner, 2009) Collegiate Athletics Volunteerism Get Involved Excel on the Field On the court ...and in the classroom. What is leadership? Who Are You? Welcome Week Assistant, WMU Fall, 2010 Gave students tours
Showed students how to navigate campus
Helped students figure out class schedule Fall Welcome Ambassador August, 2010
First-Year Experience Programs, Kalamazoo, MI Led a group of students through comprehensive week of activities to help them acclimate and transition to university environment.
Facilitated small group activities, campus tours, and ice breakers to connect students & ease transition.
Leveraged effective interpersonal communication skills to mentor individual students during week-long program and throughout the semester.
Introduced peers to campus resources while maintaining professionalism & integrity. RA, WMU August 2009 - Present Helped students with questions and concerns in the dorm.
Worked with other RA's to plan programs to help students academically.
Responsible for being on-duty. Resident Assistant Aug 2008 - May 2010
Dept. of Residence Life, Western Michigan University Collaborated with Hall Director, Graduate Assistant, and other staff to mentor 54 college students in a living, learning, residential community.
Served as a first-responder in crisis situations while providing duty coverage in residence halls.
Designed and facilitated residential programming that promoted department's focus on advancing diversity, social justice, and citizenship.
Developed effective communication skills while learning to negotiate conflict between roommates.
Created new programs and enforced academic-friendly policies to maintain a safe & quiet living environment Creator
Event Planner Driven
Supervisor Be A Leader. Be Creative. Take Risks. Leadership... ...On A Resume. Before After Before After (Group Activity) Today You Will: Be Totally Rock Stars. Understand importance of leadership
in terms of career development. Consider definition of leadership. Develop awareness of where to
gain/utilize leadership skills/experience. Identity & reflect on your strengths
& skills from leadership experiences. Practice expressing your leadership
skills in terms of your career goals. Defining Leadership Visit my website, www.christophersell.com,
to learn more about my professional work.

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