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Homeschool Persuasive Speech

No description

v. Stanley

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Homeschool Persuasive Speech


It's more than simply a viable option for education, it can be the solution many American families are looking for. Homeschooling...
a proven path to
social and academic success! Our school structure is lacking academically and socially Authors: Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis
Athletes: Venus and Serena, Bethany Hamilton
Business: Andrew Carnegie, Dave Thomas
Music: J.P. Sousa, Irving Berlin
Entertainers: H. Houdini, Whoopi Goldberg
Inventors: A.G.Bell, Wright Brothers
Scientists: B.T Washington, A. Einstien,
Statesmen: Tho. Jefferson, Condoleza Rice Student attempts suicide with gun at La Salle High School in Cincinnati Boy, 15, arrested for sexual assault at Whitefish Bay High School Valley High School student arrested for sexual assault on campus Students arrested in drug bust at Gate City High Temecula High School Drug Bust
Leads To 22 Arrests At 3 Schools www.huffingtonpost.com/ www.timesnews.net www.whitefishbaynow.com www.abclocal.go.com http://www.nydailynews.com/ Maine 6th Grader's Suicide Puts Bullying in Spotlight http://www.mpbn.net/ Something is terribly wrong with our schools and it's tearing our families apart. Advance at student's pace No gaps in education Focus subjects to student's strength or weakness Successful Homeschoolers
you might know... Chuck Norris does it! http://www.eric.ed.gov www.thebestcolleges.org Current drop-out rate +30% www.Washingtonpost.com Academic Failures ACT scores- 1 in 4 graduates met 4 benchmarks for college readiness 25th in math,
17th in science
14th in reading Social Failures Rigidity stifles creativity Wedge in families 16,000 hrs spent with agemates Source: VCPS Source: VCPS Homeschooling can be superior academically and socially Academically Social Benefits Multi-generational Broader social circles Learn to relate in adult world Life skills are modeled 24/7 But wait... there's more! Freedom to travel and explore! Liberty to learn! Experience life as a family! Develop your own identity It gives you "margin" Source: Tal Levy, Homeschooling and Race
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