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Mechanical Engineering

No description

Sydney McDonald

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineering

Quote "We are born crying with everyone else around us smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you are smiling and everyone else around you is crying."
-Unknown Interviews Nick Tran

-Frito Lay
-"Just do what you love and everything else will follow"
-More than just engineers Research Original Work -Works at Frito Lay
-Worked at Gillette and Clorox
-Technical Services and Project Manager

How is he helping me?
-More professional
-What to test, how and why
-Attention to detail My original work was a research paper, to gain a better understanding of not only what and how to research, but also aeronautics and aerodynamics.
The reason it is important to be able to distinguish between the what and why you need and don't need, is so you are using relevant information.
Aeronautics is quite a large industry and was not something I fully understood. Also it has lead me to better build my final product. "Mechanical Engineering Making Things Go!"

-Broad overview
-Inventions (Robert Fulton, Newcomen)
-Steam engine to internal combustion MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SYDNEY MCDONALD Final Product For my Final Product I will build a new wind mill. It takes the concept of original windmills that were used to pump fresh water from underground and the windmills used to generate electricity.
What I am going to do is start by testing some designs I had for the blades and the base. I will use the ones with the best factors in the final build. "Note to Engineers: Networking is NOT Collecting Business Cards"

-Different way to connect
-Get to know the person
-Future reference "Five Biggest Engineering Disasters"

-There is a reason for everything
-Do NOT repeat the past
-Make it better than before Amy Herbel

-Trinity Rail
-Only female
-Inspiration vs. Instinct Adam Roth

-Frito Lay
-Working on a large scale
-PLANNING!!! Mentor
Huy Nguyen Why did I chose Mr. Nguyen?
-See different points of view Challenger Chernobyl Apollo 13 Bhopal Disaster Titanic
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