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Energy Management

No description

Shannon Cross

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Energy Management

What is energy?
Energy is the ability to move, live, and do work. Energy is nessicary
to live.
Energy Management
by Ella and Hannah.

Why does conserving energy matter?
Energy matters because population density is growing, and we should not waste energy. Energy is crucial to our daily lifestyle and we humans keep wasting it.
How can we help?
Some ways to help conserve energy are turning off the AC. If you turn it off then you will use less energy. Also if you clean the vents then more air will come through.
You can turn off your LIGHTS when you are not using them, and try to use fluorescent light bulbs instead. (they use 25% less energy)!!!!
We can unplug chargers because even if they are not charging they use a LOT of energy. The same amount as it would charging!
Energy is what shapes us. It is basically the center of the universe. If we didn't have energy we wouldn't have light,be able to move or even .....LIVE.
Sources:Britananica,Go Grolier,Brainpop
and FuterEnergia.
What is energy?(continued)
Energy makes the world come together as one piece. It motivates you when your feeling lazy and helps you get sleep at night. This isn't any old topic. This is what you need to survive.
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