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What is MADD?

No description

morgan jones

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of What is MADD?

Thank You!
What is MADD?
MADD stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Non-profit charitable organization.

Purpose - to stop impaired driving and support the victims and survivors of these violent crimes.

MADD was founded by Candace Lightner
Candaces Motto
“Never take no for an answer if you really believe you are right about an issue. Passion is critical if you want to succeed and right a wrong. Courage is just as important – it takes courage to challenge the status quo and it takes courage to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown your way. There are many examples of one person making a difference – you could be that one person, whether it is in the halls of Congress, your community or within your family. ”
Who Is Candace Lightner?
Serena and Travis Lightner
Who is Candace Lightner?
By Morgan Jones and Megan Milne 8-4

Founder of MADD, (one of the largest activist organizations in America.)

After graduating from College, she met Steve Lightner who she later married and had three kids, Serena,Travis and Cari.

Travis and Serena Lightner seen here smiling together!
18 month old Serena was in the car with Candace when they both were hit by a drunk driver and recieved minor injuries.

Later Travis was run over and he was seriously injured, the person who hit him was also impaired.
Cari Lightner
It was May 3rd 1980 when Cari was on her way to a church carnival.

She was thrown 125 feet in the air when the impact of a car hit her, the driver hit Cari and sped off leaving the scene.

Cari was rushed to the hospital but died due to the extreme trauma her body had taken.
Why is MADD Important in Promoting Change?
This picture is of a family who lost their family member to a drunk driving accident.
Travis and Serena seen here smiling.
Who is MADD Protesting?
Forms of Protest Used and Created for MADD were:
Mass Protest Groups
Increased Awareness Campaigns

Describe some of the Reasons Society Protests Drunk Driving
Who is involved with MADD (Individuals, groups or cumminities)?

What Effects does MADD have on the World?
7500 people volunteer their time and skills

100 Community Leaders/Chapters

Over 50 Sponsors, some known corporations are Shell gas station, LCBO and KIA
Drunk Drivers
News Storeies

Advertisements make you think about driving under the influence.

MADD promotes the dangers of drinking and driving giving awareness to society. This causes less drunk drivers to get in their car resulting with less deaths with the factor of alcohol.

Useless deaths that can be prevented

Society can't change some things but we can change this

Many ways to prevent it

Saved 27,000 youths by the 21 minimum drinking age law in the USA

In 2012, provided services to over 61,000 victims and survivors across the nation.

From 2009 to 2012, annual use of alcohol by 8th, 10th, and 12th graders fell by 22%, 8%, and 4%
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