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Blue Bell

No description

Brianna Simes

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Blue Bell

Blue Bell
Blue Bell Creameries, based in Brenham, Texas,
opened its doors in 1907.

Brenham, Texas
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Sylacauga, Alabama
Before Brenham Creamery Company was renamed Blue Bell in 1930 the local area farmers that founded it did not start out with the intention to sell ice cream. The creamery actually got its start by using excess cream and producing butter and selling it to locals. It wasn't until 1911 that they started selling small quantities of ice cream in three flavors; vanilla chocolate and butter pecan.
It takes almost 60,000 cows to supply milk for one day of production!

The three gallon tubs of ice cream weigh 19 pounds which makes 76 bowls of ice cream!

As the slogan says they really do eat all they can while they're working!
TV commercials
Radio commercials
Bill boards
Newspaper ads
Regular Ice cream (53 flavors)
No sugar added ice cream (4 flavors)
Sherbert (5 flavors)
Frozen Yogurt (2 flavors)
Light ice cream (2 flavors)
Take home snacks (cups, bars, and sandwiches) (30 flavors)
We eat all we can and sell the rest!
Initially called Brenham Creamery Company, the business opened in 1907 as a dairy farmers' cooperative.

Expansion beyond Brenham started in the early 1960s, with sales in Houston.

In 1992, it built a second production plant in Broken Arrow, Okla., and in 1996 added a third in Sylacauga, Ala.

The company also has 57 distribution facilities scattered throughout the states where the product is sold.

It was in 1930 that the company changed its name to Blue Bell Creameries after the native Texas bluebell wildflower.

Although Blue Bell is only available in about 26% of the nation’s supermarkets, it ranks as one of the top three, best-selling ice creams in the country.
Nabisco was a partner when they first started producing ice cream because they used Nabisco oreos in their cookies and cream.
In 1919 the creamery was in financial trouble and hired E.F. Kruse who took over the company.
By:Brianna Simes
Size/Scope of company
How they advertise
Products sold
Vision/Mission Statement
Misc. Information
Work cited
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