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No description

Molly Ringqvist

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Napoleon

Military Career

Napoleon's Rise to Power
Napoleon's Rule
Early Life
Born on 15 August 1769
Family Italian, later French
Nabulione -> Napoleon
Buonapart -> Bonaparte
One of 77 noble families in Corsica

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon's defeat & death

Napoleon's Impact

Emperor of the French
Napoleon's Reforms
Short-term effect
Long-term effect
Code Napoleon
Founded French Bank system
Ended French Post-Revolution Chaos
Government trusted Napoleon
18 Brumaire cup
Outmanoeuvring the government- Establish Consulate
First Consul
The Causes for the Defeat of Napoleon
- Personality
- The Peninsular War
- The Invasion of Russia
- The Continental System
Napoleon´s downfall
Reformed education system, University of France
Restored relations with the papacy
Reconstruction work in France
Bank of France, Legion of Honour
Napoleonic Code
War Resumed
May 1803, England declare War
Third Coalition
Austria & Russia defeated 1805
Prussian defeated 1806
Russia defeated again 1807
French fleet destroyed, Trafalgar 1805
1804, Consulate -> Empire
Hand down throne to his descendants
Marries Marie Louise
Son: King of Rome
Changing the Map of Europe
French Empire immense
Outside his influence: England, Russia, Sweden & Turkey
Negative Aspects of Napoelon's Rule
Signs of a repressive regime
Long lasting napoleon wars- death & suffering
The Continental System
-reshape the French export market and economy
-destroy Britain´s economy
-Believed it would cause a political collapse and a revolution
-hurt Napoleon more than it hurt his enemies
The Peninsular War
The Invasion of Russia
- 1812, scorched-earth policy
- 1810 Russia defected from the Continental System
- Lost 500,000 men
- Napoleons retaliation
“The Battle of Nations”
- Enemies took advantage of his weakness
- Britain, Russia, Prussia, and Sweden- Fourth Coalition
- October 1813, defeated by the coalition
Exile to Elba and the
Hundred Days
- Victors exiled napoleon to Elba
- Sovereignty and the title emperor
Exile to Elba
The Hundred Days
- February 26th 1815 Napoleon escaped
- Welcomed back to power in Paris
- Started to govern, the Hundred Days
- Battle of Waterloo- defeated
Exile on St Helena
- The British shipped Napoleon to St.Helena
- Exile for six years
- Died in 1821
- Conflict about the control of the Iberian Peninsula
- Portugal ignoring the Continental System
- 1808 Napoleon turned on Spain
- Six-year struggle- sapped French strength
Hard working ability, right place right time
Brienne military academy -> 1784 Military school Paris, graduated one year later
Four years
Second lieutenant in an artillery regiment serving French army

The Siege of Toulon
Rapide rise to power
Under General Jacques Dugommier
27th August - 19th December 1793
Toulon: leading naval base
Promoted, Brigadier General and inspector of the Coast
-> Genoa secret mission by gov
<- Political masters: Napoleon betrayer
Arrested, August 1794
Lack of evidence -> set free
Sent on leave without pay
Napoleon's Military Rise
Close friend Paul Barras
Group of Republicans planned a coup and abducted the general assembly
Riots broke out
October 13th 1795, Asked to take command
Big turning point
“Once my sword is drawn, it will not be sheathed until order is restored”
Marching two columns
Roch Church, cleared the street in minutes
Major General
Huge support
Politicians scared
Attack Austria through Italy
March 11th
Austrian troops
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