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True Stories of Children in the Holocust

Jennifer Cihacek

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Survivors

What is the Holocaust? Why were so many Jews killed? What would have been like
to live through it? Were people other than
Jews killed? Luncia Gamzer
8 Years Old
was hidden in several places
she, her mother, and her father all survived!
she now is married and lives in New York City.
Herbert Karliner
12 years old when family
tried to flee from Germany
to Cuba on a steamship
Cuba would not let passengers get off
ship went back to Europe
Herbert did everything to not be found by the Nazis Luncia Gamzer 8 Years Old Had to hide in the bathroom
so the Nazis couldn't find her
during an akzia. Father was a baker Hid in her father's overcoat
to get out of the ghetto and to
his work place so that she could
be hidden at Mrs. Szczygiel's house
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