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Who run's faster boy's or girl's?

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jonathan juarez

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Who run's faster boy's or girl's?

Who runs faster - boys or girls?
By: Monica, Michael, Jonathan

Guys may run faster than girls because they have more endurance and they are pretty much taller than girls. Also, height matters and the amount of training you get. Also, on how light you are. Guys have more muscles than girls and that allows them to run faster. Males develop bones faster. Some girls run faster than boys and some boys run faster than girls. Girls may not develop bones as fast as males do because girls are mature and their growth changes at a young age.
If we time boys and girls, then boys will win because they have more endurance than girls.
First, you have to put the boy and girl in the position. Next, put your stopwatch to 1 minute. Finally, say "Go" and the racers can start running. There will be 1 girl and 1 boy racing at the same time.
One website that you can find out more information is:
Another website that you can find out more information is:
1. 9 boys and 9 girls
2. Stopwatch with 0.1 second accuracy
3.Yard stick to measure how big the field is
What we learned?

Hello audience! I'm Monica and this is Jonathan and this is Michael. We decided to do this experiment because we always wondered who runs faster - boys or girls?
Pictures of racers
1 video of racers
2 video of racers
One question we still have?
If we race an adult with a student who would win?
The last website to find out more information is:
Monica-7sec Joey-6sec
Jenny-5sec Jaden-4sec
Rossy-3sec Giovanni-4sec
Annabell-5sec Ricardo D-3sec
Mollie-6sec Ruben-4sec
Jasminne-4sec Mathew-5sec
Andrea-7sec Jason-6sec
Erica-4sec Michael-3sec
Gina-4sec Ivan-5sec
Skyler-6sec Jesus C-5sec

In, conclusion when we finished testing the racers we found out that boys do run faster than girls.
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