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The Best Artist

No description

jihee lee

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of The Best Artist

The Best Artist
p. 166
p. 167
p. 168
Long ago, there was a powerful sultan in Turkey
He was blind in one eye,
One day, he invited three artists to the palace
Hours later, the first artist finished his drawing
He said, "This shows that I have a blind eye
Later, the second artist finished his drawing
He said, "The man in this picture has two good eyes
Finally, the third artist finished his drawing
He gave the third artist a lot of gold as a prize
but he was very proud of his looks
He said, "Draw my face. I'll give the best artist a prize"
long ago
long long ago
a long time ago
once upon a time
there was ~이 있었다
blind 눈이 먼

be proud of ~을 자랑스러워하다
look (동) 보다
looks (명) 외모, 매력
one day 어느 날
invite 초대하다
artist 화가, 예술가
palace 궁전
say-said 말하다
draw 그리다
face 얼굴
give 주다
the best 최고의
prize 상
give 주다
hour 시간
later 후에, 나중에
first 첫번째
finish 끝내다, 마치다
drawing 그림
In the drawing, the sultan had one blind eye and one good eye
The sultan got angry
get-got ~하게 되다
angry 화난
show that 주어 + 동사: that 이하를 보여주다

Are you making fun of me?
make fun of ~를 놀리다
He put the first artist in jail
later 후에, 나중에
second 두번째
finish 끝내다, 마치다
drawing 그림
It showed the sultan with two good eyes
show that 주어 + 동사: that 이하를 보여주다
The sultan got angrier
angry angrier angriest

This cannot be me
He put the second artist in jail, too
picture 그림
cannot be ~일리가 없다
too ~도, 역시
finally 마침내
third 세번째
His drawing showed only one side of the sultan's face
only 오직
side 측면, 쪽
The sultan could see only his good eye in the drawing
could 할 수 있었다
see 보다
He thought for a while,
and said
Everything has a good side and a bad side
think - thought 생각하다
for a while 잠시 동안
You showed me the good one
everything 모든 것
good side 좋은 면
bad side 나쁜 면
a lot of 많은
gold 금
as a prize 상으로
주다 + ~에게 + ~을 = 주다 + ~을 +
+ ~에게
* exercises
show 공연, 보여주다

보여주다 + ~에게 + ~을
= 보여주다 + ~을 + to + ~에게
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