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Grade 8 Prezi Presentation

My first prezi learning to learn

tessai soudarack

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Grade 8 Prezi Presentation

By: Tessai Soudarack Study skills Scheduling: Time management made easy Studying: What you should be studying at what time Listening Researching To manage our time we should think about the time you waste on useless things and set a goal to improve. then once you have finish, wright it down! it will be much easier to remember. then once that is finished follow this easy time saving strategy 1) Record! Write down what you need
to do and what you need
to remember. 2) plan! Prioritize your task in the
order they should be
completed and scheduled time for them
in your day. 3) Do! Follow through and make
a commitment to complete
each task. 4) Review! Check off the task you have
completed, reschedule the
ones that you haven't and
review daily the things that
still need to be done. nananananananananananananananananaa BATMAN To find out how you study best, consider the following questions... ~ At what time of day are you most alert and focused? Questions! ~ Are you more motivated if you get the hardest stuff done first, or is it better if you work up to it by finishing the easier task first? ~What motivates you to keep going? Try tracking your grades, rewarding yourself when you finish something, or getting a friend to keep you on track ~Do you study better with others or alone? ~Does quiet background music distract you or help you keep focused? Good Study areas include: You also need good study spaces ~Peace and quiet ~Good lighting ~A moderate temperature ~ A comfortable chair, but not too comfortable. ~A clean workspace ~The necessary tools. A public library or school
is a great place to study!! Learning there are different types of
learners. Some are auditory,
some are visual, and others
have a tactile/kinesthetic type of learning style you remember stories better if you
hear them than if you read them;
can follow spoken instuctions better than written ones; and say every word in your head as you read silently if you are a auditory learner.. you learn best from reading; like to see things written out; and picture things in your head to remember them. If you are a visual learner.. if you are a tactile/kinesthetic learner you enjoy hands on learning; you are good at puzzles and mazes; and you can often put things together without instructions you have to listen well and pay attention to your teacher. try to make connections! Be a critical thinker! ask questions and get involved! take notes! concentrate on who is speaking If your researching. Try to think about things like, who put this website up? why was the web site created, when was the page up, and how well documented is the work?
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