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Positive Work ethic

No description

Raphaela Freitas

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Positive Work ethic

Positive Work ethic
Define positive work ethic
Positive work ethic means the attitude and determination that someone has towards their job, they take pride in their work and in themselves. Reliability, dedication, productivity, and cooperation are all characteristics of good work ethic.

Good examples of positive work ethic
Good attendance
Good listening skills
Positive attitude
Be honest in any situations
Be loyal to your bosses and co-workers
Show respect
Be well-organized

Bad examples of positive work ethic
Poor behavior
Uncompleted assignments
Bad attitude
Not a team player
Bad attendance
Lack of productivity

Why is positive work ethic important?
Its important to have positive work ethic on the work environment, not only will it make the job easier for you and the people around you, but you'll also be less stressed out and enjoy your job with positive attitude and a good behavior.

How can a positive work ethic lead your behavior at work?
Having positive work ethic makes your day at work more productive and less stressful. You'll be looked upon as a respectful, hard working, and productive individual.

By: Raphaela Freitas, Daniel Alfaro, Ruby Ortega, irvin perez, Jurnee Surratt Period.2




Ways to develop positive work ethic
Practice punctuality
Develop professionalism
Use time wisely
Stay balanced
Be responsible
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