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No description

maya delgado

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of FRIDA KAHLO

Quotation 1
Headline 2
Comparisons From Early and Late Life
Headline 4
The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened, 1943
Monday, July 17, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Early Life and Troubled Youth
bibliography of sorts
Still Life with Flag, 1954
Fruit for Thought
this piece was from earlier in Kahlo's career. She finished this in 1943, when she was 34 years old.
stylistically, this work is beautiful. The lines are smooth and well blended to create a unique image of cartoonish clarity.
This work came 11 years after the first when fida was 45. Now, obviously this painting is vastly different from her earlier work. This was much the style for the art she made in her later years close to her death. As far as the internet knows this was one of her last paintings before she died in 1947. The work is choppy and poorly finished. This particular type of art is called Primitivism, and was not totally obscure at the time, but people till preferred more clean art.
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