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My mom had to deal with her mom th

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of My mom had to deal with her mom th

Back in my day
My real mom found someone else
I felt like they were my mom and dad, because my dad was on truck then, and my mom left me.
She writes to them every Sunday.
He ended up bringing her home a little later on.
My step mom had to deal with her mom that didn't like her
My real mom left me really early in my life
My step mom had her children taken from her, from Idaho in court.
and started her own family in Tooele.
I have had a rough little childhood without my mom, but I was okay because of my grandma and grandpa.
My step mom still writes to her children even though she thinks they don't them she still tries.
I don't really want to try writing to her because she probably won't write back at all. She would probably just leave it in the mailbox.
I've lost hope of her writing or calling or anything anymore.
My step mom found my dad one night when he had come into were she worked.
I found out just a few days ago that my real mom refuses to come and get me and my brother and sister.
Even though she can't see them she still tries her hardest to tell them all about whats going on.
She thinks that they don't get them, but at least she tries.
My life is worse because I lost my mom at a little age. My mom never tried to call or text me when my dad and mom were devorced and my dad was on truck, because my brother and sister were there and I think that she was just to lost in her own world that she just never thought of her middle child, and how lost I have been without my real mom, luckily my grandparents were there for me. Now that I am older I understand how cruel people can be and I think she is the most cruel person in my life at this point. I wish she would try harder, but all I can do now is wish and hope that she will figure it out on her own because no one can change a person but that person.
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