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The Gummy Bear Lab

Emily and Karson

Claudia Martin

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of The Gummy Bear Lab

Our Experiment
Our Procedure
Step 1: Fill the bowls (6 of them) equally with the different liquids.
Step 2: Put gummy bears in bowls of the different liquids.
Step 3: Wait over-night.
Step 4: The next morning look for the changes in all of the gummy bears.
Step 5: Chart results.

Gummy bears are made of gelatin. During the bear making process the water leaves the bear as it dries. So now it will absorb the water.
How did we test our hypothesis?
We put gummy bears in the different liquids overnight and the next morning we checked the changes.

Controls: Use the same gummy bears. Keep them in the same amount of time.

Variables: The different liquids we use.
What happens when you put gummy bears in different liquids?
The Gummy Bear Lab
More Research

The gummy bear in the regular water expands and in the salt water the gummy bear will shrink.
Water: It will expand.
Salt Water: It will shrink.
Vinegar: It will desintegrate.
Coke: It will desolve.
Lemonade: It will grow and then explode!
7up: It will fizz and bubble.
First 60 seconds:
Water: The same.
Vinegar: Grew.
Coke: Stayed the same.
7up: Really bubbly.
Salt Water: Smaller but fat.

47 hours later.....
Water: It expanded.
Salt Water: It got a little bit bigger.
Vinegar: It grew a lot!
Coke: Grew and turned to brown.
7-Up: Grew and was still yellow.

By: Emily and Karson
The Gummy Bear Lab
Extra Info

Water: A gummy bear
Salt Water: A gummy bear
Vinegar: Strong and stinky
7up: Like a lemon
Coke: Bottle Cap Candy
All of the gummy bears started out yellow.
The Winner:

The biggest gummy bear in the end was the gummy bear in vinegar!
Our Conclusion
We think the gummy bears grew because when they are made the water leaves them, so it wanted to absorb any liquid. We think the salt water gummy bear grew because it was in for so long.
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