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Lawrence's Fullscreen Data Science Prezume'

***Please View in Fullscreen Mode*** How I went from a starry eyed graduate student looking for practical experience online, into a war tested and battle ready data scientist.

Statistical Consulting

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Lawrence's Fullscreen Data Science Prezume'

Every great collaboration starts with that first initial connection and it's with this prezume' I hope to share the story of how I started as a starry eyed graduate student looking for practical experience online into a war tested, battle ready data scientist.
As the Founder and Executive Data Scientist of Omni

Analytics Group, I help businesses transform their data into actionable insights.
= Value Focused}
Data Scientist
= Data Expert}

I would love to claim I've been a data scientist since birth, but its more accurate to simply say that I'm a naturally curious person that enjoys learning both in and out of the classroom.
My educational pursuit ultimately culminated into a skill set centered around Operations Research, Statistics, and Programming.
As a graduate student, I caught the eye of the Statistics department chair who noticed my knack for teaching and application. I was then given opportunity to be a teaching assistant for ten different statistics courses where I honed my ability to convey statistical concepts to students with varied educational backgrounds.
After shifting focus towards operations research during my PhD studies, I began to explore consulting as a potential opportunity to gain real work experience solving statistics related business problems.
I signed up for freelancer.com under the name "SstatsC" and began bidding on projects.
It wasn't long before I was being contacted to consult other consultants and flown out to explain my algorithms to potential start-up investors. Then, in only two years, I became the number one ranked statistician on freelancer.com
So where am I now on this journey? ...
After completing my PhD in 2013, I migrated over to the elance eco-system and eventually became the top search result for "data science" freelancers. As of mid 2015, I've completed over 70 online projects, with stellar reviews attached to all of them.
I've been fortunate enough to forge relationships with some of the best statisticians, data scientists, and programmers across many online consulting platforms. With me at the center, through
Omni Analytics

I pull experts together from multiple domains to assist me in tackling large projects such as predicting product demand for an e-commerce site with 282,000 SKUs or creating an asset matching system that quickly searches for the most similar holding in a database among 4 million assets.
I now spend most of my time collaborating with clients who've hired me under retainer agreements, working closely with their upper management to provide guidance on building and interpreting statistical models, rapid prototyping of ideas, and statistical training.
I am always open to new and interesting opportunities related to data science, so if you are a manager looking for help with a specific modeling task, an executive wanting to expand your data science capabilities, or even a young, starry eyed data scientist looking for a telecommuting internship feel free to contact me at:


Sources :)





Thanks for viewing!
As much as I love consulting, my ultimate goal is to get back into the classroom and be that fun, slightly
college professor that brings life the material through a mixture of formal book theory, real world application, and a dash of creativity. In the meantime...
My first projects weren't at all glamorous...
...but I worked hard...
...and then worked even harder
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