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The Professional Practice of Teaching - PI7004/5004 - Comp B

Comp B - reflections

Stuart Mitchell

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The Professional Practice of Teaching - PI7004/5004 - Comp B

• Designing Resources for Embedding
• Curriculum and Context
• Emerging Technologies

2. apply own detailed knowledge and critical understanding of current theories, principles and approaches of teaching, learning and reflection to the development and improvement of their professional practice.

Designing Resources for Embedding
Curriculum and Context
Emerging Technologies
social innovation
4. apply own comprehensive knowledge and critical understanding to the creative design, planning, completion and critical evaluation of a personal programme of continuous professional development.
Does a mathematical process or calculation
have to be carried out?
For what purpose?
• To what extent are the processes/calculations
routine and familiar? Does satisfactory completion
of the task require participants to select
appropriate strategies from a range?
• Are estimation skills involved?
• What maths language has to be used?
• What maths calculations are involved?
Does the spoken communication include:
• exchange of information, such as answering customer enquiries, asking questions of clarification, giving instructions/ explanations, responding to interview questions, giving prepared presentations?
• open-ended discussion to clarify issues, problem solve or consolidate working relations, such as chairing a meeting, negotiating with customers or participating in a focus group?
Does the writing include:
• short notes and messages where the content is important rather than the style, such as messages to colleagues?
• completing forms with relevant personal or factual details , such as tally sheets, workplace records or personnel forms?
• reports, notices and memos where the writing style is inkeeping with the demands of the audience and the purpose of the communication, such as minutes of meetings, standard operating procedures or accident reports?
• reports, letters or notes which put forward a coherent position or conclusion, such as planning documents?
What reading, writing, speaking and listening does someone have to do to complete the task satisfactorily?
Does the reading require:
• 'read and do', such as following routine instructions?
• locating relevant information in written material: such as the correct form, or section of a form, or specific information in workplace documentation?
• interpretation and judgement, such as problem solving , interpreting procedures or selecting what is applicable from one or a number of documents?
• integration of different pieces of information into
one cohesive whole, such as developing new procedures?
Does the listening require:
• listening to short simple instructions, such as
evacuation procedures?
• listening for main ideas and supporting points ,
such as in a training session?
• listening to a presentation containing logic/
changing face of the user
the problem with focusing on technology
What is Web 2.0
Twitter me this...
How many different ways can you think of to use Twitter in an educational context?
instant feedback
28 ways to use Twitter
answering questions
enabling discussion outside
notifications about completed assignments
Word, trend or hashtag tracking
follow conferences
take notes
share a story
map trends
keep parents informed
play a geography game
set up a poll
_____ of the day
start a book club
follow politicians
keep up with current events
capsule reviews
communication between classes
host a Twitter scavenger hunt
fun with historical figures
start a meme
supplement foreign language lessons
review the day
help students get their names out
create a twibe
communicate with professionals
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