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Who is Human? Justin Bieber

No description

Jordan White

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Who is Human? Justin Bieber

Growth 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 WHO IS HUMAN? JUSTIN BIEBER BY JORDAN WHITE Career Mistakes Like any other human, Justin makes mistakes. His mistakes tend to be more consequential considering how much of a role model he is to members of society. He's been caught smoking weed, has been pulled over by the cops numerous times and has let a rude comment slip every now and then. However, he usually apologizes and learns from them. Biebs Is In Trouble Again! Justin, like other humans, has grown up and gone through puberty. It becomes obvious that his voice has deepened when comparing his music from 2009 to songs from 2012. He has grown in height and has become more masculine after losing his baby fat, having a more defined jawline, and building muscle. Emotions Justin expresses his emotions through his music, tweets and actions. He sings about the sadness of dealing with his parent's divorce in "Down To Earth" and the hurt that comes along with a break up in "Nothing Like Us". Biebs shows love and positivity in songs such as "Believe", "Up", "Thought of You" and "Favourite Girl". Justin Bieber 15 - 18 y/o Uh oh, Justin's mad! Yay, he's happy! :) Awh, Biebs is crying :( Justin Bieber has a job that involves a high amount of interaction with society. Not only does he work with his crew, but he is also in contact with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people a day, whether it be during interviews, charity events or concerts. He provides a service to people as a singer and also has a countless number of products earning him millions of dollars a year. oh, no! weed! oh, no! cops! Beliefs Justin has beliefs, opinions and traditions that may differ from everyone else. He makes it clear through his several religious tattoos, tweets, and the song "Pray" that he is Christian. Justin has also let others know his opinion on topics such as abortion and homosexuality. The Bieber family shows tradition by having every male have a seagull tattoo somewhere on their body. (Physical Anthropology) (Pyschology) (Sociology) (Pyschology) (Cultural Anthropology) Works Cited
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