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English Project

No description

Colleen McCracken

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of English Project

Going Green It's more than just a trend It's the right thing to do Let's examine what each does
and determine it's potential success Benefit us financially by reducing
electricity costs And positively impact our reputation "A good reputation is more valuable than money."
-Publilius Syrus Provide a cleaner environment Now is the time to take advantage of the available renewable energy products and pave the way toward a better tomorrow. Together we can change the future! So which energy sources do we anaylze? Based on the EROI chart Energy Return On Investment A 4th, Waste-to-Energy, was also
picked due to its prominent
use by other Fortune 500 Companies
Wind Energy A wind turbine is a rotating machine that converts the kinetic energy from wind into mechanical energy, then ultimately electricity. Although the turn on speed is 7.8 mph,
a turbine that would be useful to our facility
would need a minimum wind speed of 28 mph,
making wind energy an inefficient source in our area.
(56 mph)
(28 mph)
When sunlight hits a solar cell it converts
it into electricity. The higher the intensity
and duration of sunlight, the more power is outputted. According to the NCDC, our area experiences only 52 sunny days per year, that is,
86% of the time
this would not
produce adequate

Therefore, solar energy would also not produce a desirable outcome. Solar Energy Hydropower
The adoption of alternative energy sources to run our Johnson City plant will The Johnson City plant is located right
next to the Susquehanna River, making this an ideal
source if all of the factors are satisfied.
For our application there are two products
currently available on the market:

The mean flow rate of the Susquehanna River in our area
is 10,480 ft³/s, according to US Geological Survey, which exceeds
the highest necessary rate of 9,000 ft³/s of the Hitachi Turbine. Using the Hitachi Turbine we will be able to generate a continuous flow of electricity at a maximum output.
During the night when the plant needs less power,
the electricity generated by the turbine can be:
1. Stored for later use
2. Sold to the surrounding community Although the installation could be done at any point throughout the year, it would be most ideal to begin this project in Mid-April. The potential of frozen obstacles are increased in the winter months.
In order for a turbine to successfully
output power it must be placed in an
area with windspeeds greater than 7.8 mph.
Data from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) states that in the past 51 years, the average monthly wind speed in Johnson City, NY is 10.1 mph.
Often this form of energy is only valuable when a high amount of waste is located nearby the facility wishing to benefit from it. Methane gas is produced naturally through decomposition of organic materials and can be harnessed for power use. Our company is conveniently located 8.6 miles from the Broome Country landfill, an ideal distance for the process.
Overall Recommendation:
A combination of hydropower and waste-to-energy systems would be most beneficial, providing "green" energy from two sources, covering close to, if not all, the power usage of our plant. There are various companies that currently
manufacture the turbines and converters
we would need to use for this project:

US & Gulf Trading
GEM America Inc.
Aviva Energy Corp.
WPS Energy Services Inc.
The methane gas travels through a series of pipes and is cleaned and compressed at a small plant. Quotes from these various companies would need to be taken in order to best decide which system would be of the greatest benefit to us. Installation for this type of system would again be ideal in Mid-April when weather obstacles are likely to be avoided. Due to the extreme change our organization must make, there are various government incentives that make such a large financial decision more feasible. BAE Systems Inc. Renewable Energy Initiative Thank you Wind energy, photovoltaics, and hydropower we all chosen based on their high EROIs.
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