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The Midpoint Formula

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Janella Maree

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of The Midpoint Formula

THE MIDPOINT FORMULA So what IS the midpoint formula? Method 1: Numerically, the midpoint of a segment can be considered to be the average of its endpoints.
This concept helps in remembering a formula for finding the midpoint of a segment given the coordinates of its endpoints. Recall that the average of two numbers is found by dividing their sum by two. Find the midpoint of line segment AB.
A(-3,4) B(2,1) Method 2: Find at least two ways to verify that M is the midpoint of segment AC Using the Distance Formula THE MIDPOINT FORMULA PT #1 by: :) What is the midpoint formula? If the line segments are vertical or horizontal, you may find the midpoint by simply dividing the length of the segment by 2 and counting that value from either of the endpoints. A(-3,1) M(0,2) C(3,3) Janella Divinagracia
Alfred Bauya
Jeremy Tango It's an algebraic tool to find the point halfway between two other points. If you imagine a line between those two points, the midpoint lies exactly halfway along the line. Mathematically, you would say that it is equidistant from both points and lies on the line connecting those two points. NOTE:
The Midpoint Formula works for all line segments: vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Find the midpoints AB and CD
If AB=8 and CD=3 AB is 8 (by counting). The midpoint is 4 units from either endpoint. On the graph, this point is (1,4).
CD is 3 (by counting). The midpoint is 1.5 units from either endpoint. On the graph, this point is (2,1.5) Since the distance from A to M is the same as the distance from M to C, M is the midpoint of AC. Using the Midpoint Formula The midpoint of AC is (0,2). Since the coordinates of point M are (0,2), M is the midpoint of AC. (using the midpoint formula) III - Guijo
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