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How to Make a Hopping Frog

Easy step by step directions on how to make an origami hopping frog, which can be made out of any rectangle shaped paper.

Raechel Atkinson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of How to Make a Hopping Frog

Take the top right corner and fold it towards the opposite side to form a triangle. Unfold and repeat the same action with the top left corner. You should see an 'x' creased from your folds in the top mid of the paper With the rest of the paper, take both corners and told them along the bottom of the diamond and crease. How to Make a Hopping Frog With the white side facing up. Take your rectangle piece of paper and fold it in half (long ways) then unfold. Fold and crease your 'x'
in half by bringing down the top sheet of the paper to the bottom of the 'x'. The corners of the paper should meet the ends of the 'x' Fold in the sides of the paper to make another triangle and flatten on the center line. Take the right corner of your triangle and fold it to meet the top along the center line. Crease well and repeat with the left corner Take the very bottom of your paper and fold it upwards to the middle of the diamond. Make sure the corners of the bottom meet the side corners of the diamond and crease. Take that same piece and fold it down, in half towards the bottom. Flip your frog over and he is ready to jump! Press and drag your finger down alog his lower back and watch him hop.
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