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茶の湯 Tea Ceremony

No description

Madison Smith

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of 茶の湯 Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Culture
Chanoyu - Tea Ceremony

Disclaimer: people devote lives to studying
Chanoyu and Tea (pass around magazine)

Tea ceremony, what is it?

"Tea Culture" contemporary and traditional

Why does it matter, why is it done

Main Idea

Tea first brought to Japan from China around 7th-9th century, thought of as medicine

Monk Yousai: Beginning of tea culture, 12th century

Samurai aristocratic tea parties, this turned into tea ceremonies

15th century: Kyoto burned to ground
in Onin War. "Experience beautiful moments with the people and objects around them."

History, pt. 2

write Cha kanji on board and explain!
Don't just show up
Has distinct role
participant, most honored
Tea Preparer:

Makes tea
Years of studying
Usually female
Club Updates:
1. DIA Flier

2. The Karate Kid Oct. 6th Sunday @ 2pm - tickets $5

3. Fundraiser results? Pics on Facebook!

4. Boles on Nov. 14

5. Handouts; if don't want, give back

Tea Server: (optional)
Takes tea from Preparer to Guests
Wabi-sabi: simple imperfect beauty in nature

Politics got involved; tea ceremonies absorbed by wealthy merchant class, Sen Rikyu

17th century: reached the general population

19th century: etiquette and feminine

WWII: Another devastation,
another time to appreciate simple beauty
Only watch from 13:00-21:00
Tea Ceremony Today
Some shift from etiquette training
back to art form
Seen in anime, pop culture

Still expensive and thought of as upper class
Maccha flavored everything
CLICK NOW! http://frankstonhs.wikispaces.com/file/view/Chanoyu+niponica.pdf
bring up pics in magazine

Look at pop culture pics in magazine

Tea House
Thick green tea that is bitter and healthy for you

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