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Body Barn

No description

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Body Barn

1 - Identifying The Business Limitations

2 - Impacts On System Users

3 - Requirments Of The Solution

4 - The Solution

5 - Impacts Of The Solution

6 - Future Expansion
Identifying The Business Limitations
Impacts On System Users
Impacts Of The Solution
Future Expansion
Business Owner
Existing Customer
Body Barn Staff Member
New Customer
Revenue is limited to the amount of customers

Business overheads

Lack of business integration

Financial reconciliation
Storage and back ups

Data protection

Limited analysis of data

Data integrity and human error

Behind competitors in its ability to leverage technology to support its customer services

Low capacity for growth

Unable to view historic data

Cannot book more than a week in advance

Lack of instantaneous feedback
Customer complaints

Time consuming (Compiling spreadsheet / notifying customers)

Tracking customer participation requests
The Body Barn
Underwhelming professionalism

Completely reliant on word of mouth

Inconvenient booking process
Self Service
Requirements Of The Solution
Create a system that can support both customer bookings and staff booking management tasks.

Incorporate the system into existing infrastructure

Store data for all classes and bookings

Customer Booking System
Admin Booking System
Can book on future classes

Send user emails confirming bookings and cancellations

Can view their current bookings

Cancel current bookings anytime before the booking takes place
Create Classes and add tasters to those classes

Activate and Block Customer Accounts
Save people time and stop excel like seriously!
The Solution
PHP back end apps for both Staff and Customers
SQL Database to store data
HTML Front ends to support user interactions
All Hosted on existing server
Technical Solution
New Process
Customers log on when they want to book for classes at times that suit them
Staff log on when they want to create classes for the customers
Sunday is dedicated to British cultural cliches

Add feedback on classes attended

A "You may also like?" feature

Calendar invites (sent with confirmations?)

Dashboard containing collected stats about performance

A personal blog - "MY Body Barn Journey"

Option to pay online


Instructors input actual attendance into system

Stats output IE "Males: / Females: " to help with marketing

Stats output to help with client retention

Mobile/tablet version

Marketing tools such as mail out lists and event creation
1. Body barn have drastically increased their market potential

2. Have aligned themselves with their competition

3. Provide a better service to their customers

4. Centralised their businesses processes

5. Implemented system has potential for further development
Multiple Users
Data Integrity
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