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West Nile Virus

No description

Erin Piseczny

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus was discovered in Africa in the 1930's. It came to the United States in 1999. West Nile is spread by mosquitoes. Cases of West Nile increase when there is a fluctuation in the population of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes thrive in wet, warm conditions. The
Virus West Nile Virus comes in two forms, a neuroinvasive and a non-neuroinvasive form. The neuroinvasive form causes brain-related infections (ie: Meningitis). Typical symptoms include: fever, sore throat, headache or body aches, and fatigue. The more severe neuroinvasive form can cause disorientation, coma, convulsions, or paralysis and can be permanent. Symptoms There is no cure for West Nile Virus but there are many forms of treatment for those who suffer the symptoms. Mild cases of West Nile Virus can be treated similar to the common flu. Treatment for more severe cases occur in a hospital where patients can get intravenous fluids, help with breathing, or care for the more major symptoms like paralysis or comas. Treatment There have been many cases of West Nile Virus in the United States this year. In August the CDC reported 693 cases with 26 deaths. By September 11th the number of cases increased to 2,636 and 118 deaths. The CDC predicts that the cases will continue to increase through mid-October. Most cases have appeared in six specific states: Texas, South Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, and Oklahoma. Texas cases account for forty percent of all cases this year. Recent Cases States Affected by West Nile Virus Use ample amounts of bug spray when outside. Try to avoid areas of long standing water; this is perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Dress in long pants and long sleeves. This attire and bug spray will usually protect against mosquitoes. If you start to feel ill and experience symptoms mentioned previously, check for bug bites and tell your doctor. If found quickly, tests can be done and a more serious case could be prevented. Ways to Prevent and
Recognize West Nile Virus. Information from CBS News West Nile Virus
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