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Ms.Macias hw for winter breack

Diana Morales

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of Art

What is Graffiti ?
Graffiti has been on for many years for all we know Romans, Aztecs, and others wrote on walls. Graffiti has been in our generations for centuries. Today most people see it as vandalism but others see it as art which to me it
is. Street artist like Banksy and Blu (the artist of the previous pictures) are unusual people who have such beautiful talent who unfortunately don't come from such great families and find graffiti as a way to express themselves in an anonymous way.
What do these images represent ?
These images represent the imperfection of the
world! How some of us don't get the chance to
follow our dreams. How we ourselves have taken away the innocence of our world.

: D

Where in the U.S did graffiti come first?
Graffiti didn't begin in the U. S but it reached New York where it wasn't so big at the beginning because it began as words. When graffiti started to include drawings it became big and spread all over the country, most likely the reason why graffiti first arrived in New York was because that's where most immigrants arrived.
Watts Towers
By: Simon Diaz
Watts Towers was made by a Italian immagrent named Simon Rodea. Simon Rodea immagrated from Italy when he was 15 .The Watts Towers remain in Watts, California .The Watts Towers took Simon to build from 1921-1955 build.
The picture on the top shows what the Watts Towers are made of. It is made out of copper wire in the inside and after cement is put over it. Then when Simon was building the Watts Towers he sent kids to look for old glasses and tiles and that is what he used. the picture on the bottom just shows the total amount of towers and that the tallest tower is 100 feet.
What is The Watts Towers Made Of?
How Was the Watts Towers

built ?
The ways Simon Rodea was able to build
Watts Towers was to use his old window
cleaning tools. He used the tools to get up
high. He also made it fun for the kids he
would send the kids to find broken glass
or tiles and he would make it part of the
Who Is Frida??
Frida Khalo was a very famous Mexican artist back in the 1900's and she was best known for her way of expressing herself by ART!! She had started this because she couldn't move as much so Art inspired her whole life.
Ms. Kahlo's ART
Whenever Frida does her art the main topic is: HERSELF! This art is called Autobiographical Art. Ms. Kahlo creates self-portraits of her life since she had stayed at the state of immobilization. It was the only thing she could have thought of.
The 2 Frida's
Sureal Art
By: Daisy .H

Sureal Art
Sureal art is something grown out of people imagination. For example Vladimir Kush speaked throught his life time with his mind. The sureal art by Vladimir Kush has inspired many people to look at his dream like paintings.
Who is Vladimir Kush?
Vladimir kush is an amazing inspiration to people. He has drawn many sureal paintings. He was born in Russia in mascow.

In the imperfect world
that we live in we have a way to express ourselves
without discussions.That
way is ART in art there are so many categories. Each being so beautiful in its own way.
- The Group
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