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Ice Core

No description

kyle mitchell

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Ice Core

Not so fast
Walking home from college a black SUV followed him almost to his house, the men jumped out and made an arrest on him.

He was brought to an airport the next day and told he could come peacefully for interrogations, or they could charge him and take him away with no explanation

He was flown to a prisoner camp in Guantanamo Bay where he met his escort Special Agent Williams, Williams was the only person he had that gave him little comfort.
In the camp
On the way to the camp Williams told him is was all just "procedure" and to just hold on through it.

Once he got into the cell area Williams left him alone when another officer named North came in, he was a mean tough officer and would beat on all the prisoners, knowing nothing could be done.

There was a girl in the cell next to him, but she wouldn't even look at him as if she was holding a grudge.
He was part of an online forum where amateur hackers talked and shared secrets.

One member of the forum brought up hacking the most secure place in the world, Fort Knox.

Carl liked the challenge and after long thought began his process of hacking into the gold vault

He successfully hacked into the vault and opened the doors, but then saw slowly the gold was disappearing so he logged off and forgot anything happened
Carl Hobbes is a normal college kid that loves technology.
He is part of a hacking forum and hacking into fort Knox came up, and he wanted to try it.
He had hacked into the school systems on his first day to keep his grades up.
He find out the girls name is beth and she was one of the people on the hacking sight
She encouraged him to do the crime, so she could steal the bars when he opened the door.
She worked with another inmate at the prison named McCoy.
The Ending
McCoy was a secret mercenary and was in the prison for dealing arms to terrorist groups. He plans a fake stroke and when the guards come to save him he takes one of there guns and take the whole place hostage.
The guards get sent out into the wintery cold land and are locked out of the prison with no protective clothes on. McCoy leaves half of the group locked up and the others he takes to help him fly out. Carl and Beth are Able to escape and call out a mayday to stop McCoy and get set free.
The beginning
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