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11th Grade College Digital Portfolio

No description

oumie jobarteh

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of 11th Grade College Digital Portfolio

11th Grade College Digital Portfolio
Oumie Jobarteh

Autobiography(What special awards and /or recognitions have you received in your life that demonstrate the kind of person you are?)
My Career Choice
Obstetrician Gynecologist
Autobiography ( Describe your family history. What is the effect on who you are today and will be?)
A.C.T Scores-30
S.A.T Scores-1958
Cost of Admission-$22,278 per year
Extra-Curricular Activities -Men and Women: Basketball,Golf,Cross country ,Swimming and Diving ,Tennis,Track and Field
Men :Football and Baseball
School Rank-48 best University in the nation
A.C.T Scores- Composite score of 30
S.A.T Scores- Critical Reading:675 ,Math: 703, Writing:689
Cost of Admission-$55,776 a year
Extra-Curricular Activities -Women and Men: Basketball,Golf,Soccer,Volleyball,Water Polo,Track and Field
Men:Cross Country,Football,
Women:Gymnastics, Softball,Rowing,Sand Volleyball,
School Rank-Is the 23rd best college in the united states
5 Colleges and Universities of my choice(University of California Los Angeles
A.C.T Scores-21-27 composite
S.A.T Scores-970-1190 (verbal and math only)
Cost of Admission-$9,622 per semester
Extra-Curricular Activities -Men and Women- Basketball,Golf,Soccer,Tennis
Women-Track and field, softball, sand volleyball, volleyball,Cross Country,
School Rank- #71 in best education in the united states
Autobiography (Who is the most influential non-family member?)
Autobiography (What legacy do you want to leave?)
A.C.T Scores-17 On both English and Math portions
S.A.T Scores-430 Verbal,400 Math
Cost of Admission-$20,424 per year
Extra-Curricular Activities -Men and Women: Basketball,Golf,Cross country ,Swimming and Diving ,Tennis,Track and Field
Men :Football and Baseball
Women:Equestrian,Gymnastics,Soccer,Softball,and Volleyball
School Rank-One of the top 3 best Colleges in Georgia
Major-Biology Science
5 Colleges and Universities of my choice(University of Georgia )
5 Colleges and Universities of my choice(Georgia Southern)
A.C.T Scores-21 writing required
S.A.T Scores-1010(math & critical reading) writng required
Cost of Admission-$9,200 per semester
Extra-Curricular Activities - Men,Women: Basketball,Golf,Soccer,and Tennis
Men: Football and Baseball
Women: Softball, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field/ Cross Country,and Rifle
School Rank-Top 10 most popular universities in the nation
Major- Nursing
5 Colleges and Universities of my choice(Georgia State University)
5 Colleges and Universities of my choice(University of Florida)
Well, I come from a big family I have three sister they are four, ten, and fourteen. My dad has ten siblings I don’t even know who’s who honestly they are just too many. Then we have my mom the interesting thing about my mom’s family is she has so many sibling’s that she does not even know then all so I can’t give the hard facts about her family but there are about seven or eight of her siblings that I actually know about. My mom came to America a few years after high school if I am not mistaken she was about twenty-three. A few years later she got married then she got a job right after that she had me and the rest was history. My mom is the type who is always pushing me to do more good is never good enough for her. This means when everyone does 12% I have to do 21%. My dad came here straight out of high school. He went to college while being married to my mom and graduated at the top of the dean’s list so I like to think I big shoes to fill. My dad surprisingly is more laid back, as long as you do everything you need to do in in school you and him are on good terms.
My parents have affected the person I am today because they have shown me that it is no reason I shouldn’t be able to accomplish anything in life. Being that my parents are not originally from America and they made a decent living for themselves they tend to think that I should have no excuse as to why I can’t make an even better living than they do now. That’s where I get my drive and motivation from. As far as having a no toleration policy it was just how I was raised as a kid my mom did not take any crap from me which in result I don’t take any crap people I care about. I have very few friends maybe about a solid 5 friends that I don’t plan on getting rid of anytime of and i don’t like making new friends because I don’t trust people. Even though is kind of harsh to get a child custom to not trusting people but it has saved me a lot of betrayal in the past few years. People that really truly know me say I’m harsh but only when it’s for a good reason, I am always trying to help people with their problems and try to give people all of me if possible ….and I owe all of that to my parents.

This segment was kind of hard for me but I came to the conclusion that Oprah Winfrey is the most influential non-family member to me. Oprah brought a lot of childhood memories back when I think about it. When I was a little kid me and my aunt who was like my best friend would watch the Oprah Winfrey show every day when I get off of school . It was so much fun just the fact that I was not a very family oriented person as a kids and being able to actually sit down and do something with a family member and get to do something that not only they found enjoyable but I did as well. I hope that one day I can somehow some way get my aunt to meet her.
Knowing that Oprah had to grow up with so many struggles and still become something it amazes me. The fact that she had so much drive and motivation to do what she had to do in making it in the world just gives me the drive and motivation to make it in the world. As a kid she was born into a poor family she didn’t really have a relationship with her father as she would have had liked to have people would call her ugly everywhere she would go. As you can tell there were a lot of trial and tribulations for her but she still worked hard and became one of the richest people in the world. Another reason as to why I look up to she is because even after she had all the money and fame she never forgot where she came from she remained humble which not everybody could do. She gives away thousands of millions of dollars away building schools in Africa building houses for people in need whatever she could do to help she would . She is an entrepreneur she has her own magazine and TV network as well as many businesses. She is everything I would ever want to be and more that’s why she is the most influential person to me.

I have won awards such as lady of pride award ,science awards and best personality awards.The lady of pride award shows that i have no shame in anything that i do.It also shows that i don't do anything that degrades my quality as a female or person period.I also won a science award all three years of my High School career which means when I want something i go for it. Although science is not my favorite subject it does not stop me from doing the best that I can in whatever I do.I am an fun loving person so I like to think that the closest friends like to be around me and i don't like to be unless it is absolutely necessary which is probably the reason why i won the award .
Personal Statement
Personal Statement For a Job or College Program
My name is Oumie Jobarteh and I was born at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia on June 15th, 1998. As a kid I was always surrounded by family I was raised in Campbellton Road and every one from my aunts to my uncles to my cousins where there. When I was 2 years old my mom got pregnant and we lived in a one bed room apartment and it was me my mom and dad as well as my uncle all living there . My parents had saved enough money to get a new house because my mom was pregnant and she knew she wouldn’t have enough space in that small apartment, plus the area that we lived in wasn’t the best to raise a child at… so I moved to Clayton County. We knew absolutely nobody out here everyone we knew stayed around Campbellton road so still till this day we always go back as if we have always lived there. My childhood has been pretty normal since then I lived in a quiet neighborhood and had friends did ballet and everything. I have three sisters and someone was always in and out of my house my mom always allowed people to stay with us so it was always someone there at the minimum six people were in my house at all time.
I went to Lake Ridge Elementary and honestly that had to be my worse educational experience so far. As a kid I was really defiant and I would always get in trouble at school I was always a loner in school. My mom would always get called up to the school for in my opinion no reason and I would always had some consequence which I hated so much. Then I finally made it to middle school. I went to Kendrick Middle for half of my 6th grade year then I went to a private school called Pearl academy for the other half, then went back to Kendrick for the rest of my middle school career. During middle school I was calmer than before I was quiet and all of a sudden started doing my work and I was getting good grades I mean I never got bad grades but these were like A, B honor roll. My parents where extremely hard on me about my grades and how I acted they played no games and were extremely strict especially my mom. Which really didn’t clash with me considering I was very I easily influenced as a child in middle school. Somehow I made to 8th grade without being killed by my mom, this was my favorite year so far I made friends long lasting friends who I like to think are trust worthy it was fun and I got my education as well as getting a laugh in every now and then. Now I am in High School I attend Riverdale High and to be honest high school wasn’t what I expected at all… I thought it was something like high school musical but to me it was just like middle school just with a little bit more freedom. So far I have enjoyed my high school career it has showed me that everyone isn’t your friend and that at the end of the day you are going to be alone during graduation so you really don’t need friends.
My childhood made me who I am today because it helped me tell the difference from what’s right and what’s wrong. As well as making sure I always have high expectations for myself in any situation. Another way it made me who I am today is it made me realize that you don’t need people in your life ,you can live without them because everyone isn’t your friend an everyone doesn’t have the best interest at heart when it comes to what your need to do. So instead of depending on someone else to be there for you why not be there for yourself. Even though that might sound harsh it prepares yourself for the future when there are a lot of people out there to do you wrong for their own good.

I want to leave the legacy of self respect for myself and others. I want to be know as the person who would have done anything they could have to help someone if they needed it .Giving my all to everything i do and everyone I have a relationship ship with is another legacy I want to leave .Just to be known as a great person with tons of tenacity and love and and passion for everyone and knowing that i put in all i can is the legacy i want to leave . Also the legacy of strength empowerment for females everywhere as well as being independent you do not need anyone to get to where your going if you have a goal and determination you do not need to depend on anyone to hold your hand because you can handle your own. I want to leave this legacy not only for me but for my kids and my grand kids and my great grand kids in hope that one day they can be better thane what i will become.
Citing my Information
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