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No description

Daniela Romero M

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of THE PAINTED DOOR

Very insecure and selfish. She doesn't think twice what she does. she only thinks about her feeling and not about the feeling of others. She also cares about the appearance.
He is a kind man, he doesn't care too much about himself, specially about how he looks for others. he thinks first about the people that he loves and then for himself. He always tries to make Ann happy.
Steven is a man that has bad intentions with Ann, he manipulates her telling her that John won't come, but only because he has a plan from the very beginning. He is the opposite of John, he tries to be good-looking and he is kind of arrogant.
John works a lot for giving a better future to his wife, he either cares about how he looks. Ann is mad at John because she tells him that he shouldn't go out to his father's house because there will be a storm, she wants him because she doesn't like to be alone but he goes anyways. He tells her that his friend Steven will go to play cards in the evening. John says that he will come back at seven. Ann stars to paint the kitchen to white because she wants some change in her house. When Steven comes, she starts to compare him with John and then she sleeps with Steven pretending that he is her husband.
John finds her when he came back and he doesn't go into the house. The next day he is found frozen. Ann finds John's hand with white paint.
Ann says; "If he’d listen to me sometimes and not be so stubborn we wouldn't be living still in a house like this—seven years and never a new stick of furniture…There—as if another coat of paint..."
That wants to tell that Ann's and John's relationship is symbolized by the door. (referring to the furniture).
When Ann is on her house by her own, she starts to feel the loneliness, she says; "It was the silence again, aggressive, hovering. The fire spit and crackled at it."The fire fights the loneliness that Ann feels.
The story takes place in Canada in the great depression of the 1930's in Saskatchewan during a horrific blizzard.
Ann and John live in a small house.
The main setting is the blizzard, without that blizzard the story wouldn't be possible.
Sinclair Ross
The irony is that actually, is John that invites Steven to his house, for keeping Ann's company while he was on his father's farm working. Then he finds that they sleep together
The second irony is that right after sleeping with Steven, when she wakes up she realizes that the only man for her is John and she loves him. But she already did was she did.
I think that is a very good short story with a big message that is: think well what are you doing, if it's the right thing or not and what effect that will make in your life and others. Also the story tells that you don't have to wait for something bad to happen to realize what is good, in the story is reflected when after Ann sleeps with Steven she realizes that she loves John.
A big symbol is the paint. Ann paints the kitchen for making some change on her house because she is bored of the monotony. That means that she will bring changes also to her life. She wanted some change so she sleeps with Steven and that changed her life forever.
The storm that there's in the story is the chaos that Ann creates when sleeping with Steven.
When Ann is with Steven beside the fire place she is thinking about him and both look each other constantly.
The fire represents the momentary passion that exists between them.
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