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History of rap

martins esho

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Rap

7MN Martins what start this genra in south Bronx little money and lot of imagination started it all . Yourself Back Home-Gym Class Heroes ft Neon Hitch The people who like rap The people who like rap are people who like to express them selves how like to here the story's of other's through music. When it was created. . In the 1970's a new genera was born it was called
rap, The reason for rap the purpose for rap is to entertain and to inspire the generation that it,s speaking to. The beginning artist to the genera. The beginning artist are Dr kool, Grandmaster Flash, and Mean Gene. Rap Where it was created This amazing Genre was created in south Bronx. . The main instrument in rap. In the the fist recording's of rap they used a machine called a MPC but now they use more computer generated sounds and tun table's. The style and tempo of rap the type of tempo in rap is mostly fast fast ,and some times medium fast. the rhythm and beat of rap could be something basic like this. the emotions that rap brings up is anger relaxation.
Song Title : get your self back home

Artist : Gym class heroes ,Neon Hitch

What do you think this song is about? : I think the song is about a girl who missis her boy friend and want's him to come back home.

Is this song happy or sad? : this song to me is sad because she missis her boyfriend.

instruments used : guitar, drum, retell.

tempo: it start's of medium fast then is goes fast then it rotates like that . listening activity
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