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The call of wild

No description

Maria Piedad Vargas

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of The call of wild

color blindness color blindness It is that you have trouble seeing within colors, their cone doesnt work very well and the cone is what controls the colors in your eye so the person cant see some colors and cant see clearly.
Basically the problem is in just the eye but affects many parts of the body because like you dont see clearly you can get in very serious risks.
the colors you cannot see are: red, green, blue or a mix of them Effects of color b Because of not seeing well you cant read and learn things fast its more difficult every work. You may not learn some careers cause youre not able to learn them. Some people get deppresed and think they cant do anything with their life. Even other people had gotten to suicide from not seeing what others do. Some are bullied for not seeing well. Cone The 3 colors the cone is in charge of are red, green and blue. The cone is found in the macula, which is the central part of the retina. When the cone senses any of this colors it shows them in the eye. So what happens to the eye with color blindness is that your cone doesnt sense those colors. what looks like to be color blind! Carlas story When i was sixteen i was very deppresed and thought i could not do anything with my life. I got bad grades too. Passing the time i had the wish to get independent and prove it to my family as i thought of it my eyes were full of tears.
One day i went to my friends house Cynthia and told her i felt useless she got mad. And then told me about hatlem center for blind people made them independent. i got a new attitude my new goal was to go to the hatlem center, so i started getting good grades. carlas story part 2 In summer i sent an application to hatlem center few weeks later it replied and accepted me. my family took me to my aparment there and i thought changed for complete i felt much better and i even got to a university hatlem has helped me a lot. Finally carla didi it! she now has a dog that helps her a lot. By: Maria Piedad Hatlem center Most common on males Color blindness is most common in men, there is 7 percent of males with color blindness and a 4 percent of women color blindness. It most commonly gives you color blindness for men because they have only one X chromosome while women have two X chromosomes color blindness
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