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Lois Lowry ~ The silent boy

No description

arnold lemus

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Lois Lowry ~ The silent boy

The Silent Boy
Katy Thatcher - Main character, pre-teen daughter of a
doctor who want to become a doctor too

Peggy - A neighbor who comes to the Thatcher house to
work as a maid and babysitter

Jacob - Peggy's "touched" younger brother who cant
speak, can hum, and is drawn towards animals

Nellie - Peggy and Jacob's older sister who works next
door and has a crush on the teenage boy who lives there
(Paul Bishop)

Austin Bishop - a Young boy who lives next to Katy

Paul Bishop - Austin's older brother

Mr. Bishop - Father of Austin and Paul, also Town Lawyer
The Story is told by Katy Thatcher - An old woman in
1987 about a dramatic
period in her life from 1908
to 1911
Katie Thatcher meets a boy named Jacob. He is a mental boy who cant speak, but can hum and make noises. Katie finds that Jacob has a special connection with animals, almost like he communicates with them.
Peggy comes to work at the Thatcher house as a servant girl for a living. Nellie works next door and wants to be an actress and also has a secret crush on Pual Bishop who lives at the house.
One day, Katie sees Nellie and the boy in a barn together. Katie sees Nellie run out of the barn joyful and with a grin on her face. The boy sneers at her as she leaves, so Katy knows that his feelings aren't returned (he just wanted one thing). As months go by, Katy's mother has a baby and its almost her birthday. But Katy realizes that something is wrong at the house next door because Nellie had to quit her job as a serving girl and return home, and the boy next door was sent away to boarding school without saying goodbye.
Katy’s birthday comes but Jacob doesn’t show up. That night while Katie is sleeping, she is awoken by the sound of light footsteps going up the stairs, but she thinks it’s just her father returning home from a house call, so she falls back asleep. Katie is awoken again that night by her father yelling and rushing out of the house. Her mother tells her that there is a problem at Nell’s house but doesn’t say what it is. Then she tells Katie to stay put while she goes to the nursery and feeds the baby.
About five minutes later Katie hears her mother scream, and rush out of the room. Her mother shoves the baby into Katie’s arms, picks up the phone and calls Nell’s house, and tells Katie not to go into the nursery until her father gets back home.
It turns out that when her mother went to feed the baby, she found a dead baby in the crib also. Katie finds out that Nell got pregnant by the teenage boy, so that’s why she went back home, and he got sent to boarding school. Katie also figures out that it was Nell’s baby and Jacob put it in her house because Jacob knew Nell didn’t want the baby, and she refused to feed it, so he kidnapped the baby and thought from his knowings about animals that when one mother doesn’t want a baby, you can give it to another one, that Katie’s mother would take care of Nell’s baby.
Jacob was found Mentally Insane and had to be locked up into an insane asylum for the rest of his life.
The End
About Lois Lowry
Born March 20, 1937, in Hawaii. Her dad was an Army dentist so her family lived all over the world. She went to Brown University, but left her 2nd year to get married and raise 4 children. They moved to Maine, and she finished her degree. She then was living her childhood dream when she started writing in the mid-1970s.
A Summer to Die - Children's Literature Award, International Reading Association, 1978

Autumn Street - American Library Association Notable Book Award citation, 1980

Anastasia Again! - American Book Award Nomination (juvenile paperback category), 1983

Rabble Starkey - Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, Golden Kite Award, Society of Children's Book Writers, and Child Study Award , Children's Book Committee of Bank Street College, 1987

Number the Stars - Newbery Medal, National Jewish Book Award, and Sidney Taylor Award, National Jewish Libraries, 1990

The Giver - Newbery Medal, 1994
The Thatchers live on Orchard Street, somewhere in San Francisco, in a farm town.
When Katy's mother screams while checking on the baby and you dont know what happened, or when you actually found out what happened
Katy is trying to figure out the world around her and the boy Jacob
Katy is trying to find out what happened with Peggy and the boy, and also had to figure out what happened the night her dad rushed out and her mother saw something in the nursery
Some things done are meant to help not hurt
I didn't enjoy this book very much because i expected something more tragic to happen sooner in the book. Also because the book didnt have to do much with Jacob besides the fact of what he did and the way he is.
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