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Human Centered Design

No description

Jennifer St. John

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design http://changeperspective.saab.com/global/en/ Saab - Change Perspective Inclusiveness Inviting, Feeling part of a Community, Familiar, Friendly Website asks visitors to click on objects to see the company's perspective. Engagement Invited to participate in process. By Jennifer St. John
IDT 501- Social Information Theory
Saab - Change Perspective Purpose System is capable of responding to the purpose the user has in mind and then encourages him/her to go beyond it. The intention of Saab's change perspective website is to show the evolution of the company's important forces behind its automotive success: driving, safety, fuel, heritage, and power. How does Saab do this? Saab hopes to engage consumers enough to visit a related website where you can "test drive" a new car or spread the word to friends. Go ahead and test drive! Saab fails in two Human Centered Design Principles No Sense of Ownership No Transcendence Feeling that you have created and thereby own parts of the system; sense of belonging Users are encouraged, enticed, and even provoked to transcend the immediate task requirements. Saab provides 5 activities for users but there is no flexibility for users to create their own activities.
Users are restricted to what already exists at the website. Choose an activity, read its description and follow the directions to reach your goal. Saab incorporates visual interest but there is no push for users to acquire boundary knowledge. Saab's immediate goal is to get users to visit a showroom or research Saab models further. Visit Me! Pick an Activity! Saab Activities
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