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House of Dark Shadows Book Report

No description

morgan houghtaling

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of House of Dark Shadows Book Report

House of Dark Shadows
By: Morgan Houghtaling
Robert Liparulo
The Kings family moves from L.A to a small town called, Pinedale. The house they move into is out in the woods, and it's really big with tons of rooms. They Kings soon discover there is something strangly odd about the house. Especially Xander and David. Like shadow figures in the dark halls. So, when David tried to hide from Xander in the closet upstairs, he winds up in locker 119 at their new school. Later they find portals that lead to events and places that occurred long ago. Is this a dream come true, or their worst nightmare? Read to find out more...
Main Characters
Xander- oldest child, doesn't like doing things he thinks might be dangerous

David- scared; but willing to do it anyway
Minor Characters
Toria- Little sister
Mom- Xander, David and Toria's mom
Dad- Xander, David and Toria's dad
I would recommend this book, because there is a good plot

And if anyone like scary books
How does it connect to the real world?
People can move a long ways away, and go to a new school.

Ups and Downs
Good Things-
Page Turner
There are a lot of exiting parts
Bad Things-
At some points it gets really boring
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