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Abraham and Isaac

No description

amie bell

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Abraham and Isaac

Look at your image... Write down 3 questions you would like to ask Video Why is it important for Abraham to follow God's command ?? Questions? Gods Hot Seat Chosen
people Covenant Abraham 3 Fold
Promise Be able to understand and explain why God was testing Abraham To evaluate why it was important for Abraham to follow God Objectives Abraham & Sarah Isaac Abraham had no sons with his wife as she was barren.He wanted a son very much. God promise Abraham a child with Sarah if he accepted the Covenant and would lead the jewish people to worship God properly. Abraham Look back at your images.

God wanted Abraham to do something for him, what do you think it was? Abraham and Isaac lived a happy life and when Abraham passed away he passed on his leadership to Isaac.

Isaac married a woman called Rebekah who he loved very much and was also *Jewish* Abraham's Hot Seat
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