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eLearning Trends and Emerging Technologies

This prezi describes Trends affecting learning and teaching and the emerging technologies

Ross Comerford

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of eLearning Trends and Emerging Technologies

ELearning & Accessibility
Trends and Emerging Technology Work ELearning(Electronic Learning) is education on the internet, network and standalone computer.

This research study describes:

The trends affecting learning and teaching.
Emerging technologies entering likely to enter mainstream use. They are balancing schedules from Students are spending alot of their free time on the web learning and sharing information usually by their social network WEB Information College Home Mobile Apps are likely to enter main stream use because they have the ability to teach students through social networks and digital tools. The social networks allows students to share information. Game-based learning is good technique for teaching they help student get many skills for example: communication and problem solving. It is being used to motivate students to learn by creating exciting and competitive games like puzzle games and story line games. Tablet computers have large screen display, touch screen and are portable which are useful for teaching and learning. They can be used in classroom to follow notes and self study. Due to budget cuts institutions are reassessing learning methods People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want to THE END Education patterns are changing to include online learning and hybrid learning. The hope is that learners will connect the course material with their every day lives so that they’ll become more excited to study and get more interested in the course material. Institutions need to take int account the value that each adds to a world within which information is everywhere. Universities have continuously been seen as the high standard for educational qualification, but new certification programs from different sources are decreasing the quality of universities daily. Challenge and active learning in the classroom Emerging technologies likely to enter mainstream use Sudoku eLearning trends are have great effect on the student community. Its giving more and more people the chance to study. eLearning is continuously changing The large amount of resources made easily accessible by the Internet is increasingly challenging us to revisit our roles as educators Reference: Whitton, N. (2007). Motivation and computer game based learning. Available: http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/singapore07/procs/whitton.pdf. Last accessed 21/01/13.

Johnson, L., Adams, S., and Cummins, M. (2012). Horizon Report > 2012 K-12 Edition. Available:
Last accessed 21/01/13. The active learning allows student to learn from inside and outside the classroom using technologies like moblie phone to take pictures outside and sharing information on social network. Maths
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